CBD and pets, Enecta’s interview “ We are at a turning point”

CBD and pets, Enecta’s interview “ We are at a turning point”

Enecta interviews Veterinary Doctor Elena Battaglia, who treats various pathologies by using CBD and Medical Cannabis.


Together with doctor Battaglia we’ve tried to understand more about the therapies and the relationship between Cannabidiol and the world of the four-legged.

Doctor Battaglia, for how long have you been using Cannabis and its extracts to cure our hairy friends?  

It’s been for almost 2 years now I’ve been using CBD and Cannabis. One of the first cases was a 6 year old dog, a husky cross-breeding, that had that much knee pain, caused by arthrosis, that it was impossible to touch his paw. We had already tried FANS and after that cortisone without much success.

After a few months of CBD the dog started to feel better. We’ve continued the therapy for another three months and since then the dog is healed!

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On which pathologies CBD shows to be most effective?

Diseases treated mainly are arthrosis, epilepsy and anxiety, even though in every situation in which anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are required, it is good to use it.  

Often one can hear talking  about the administration modes and dosage; regarding the first part of the question, can we state that it’s more effective to give CBD oil in drops or in capsules?

The difference lies in the possibility to dose. The oil drops are easier to dose, while the capsules have a fixed concentration.


Regarding dosage?

There’s a standard dosage to start from, depending on weight, and which then will be adjusted based on the health issue to be treated and the patient itself.

Is it possible for a veterinarian in Italy to prescribe CBD products?

Absolutely yes!

Are there any contraindications and/or possible side effects?

Based on literature and experience I can state I have never encountered any side effects,  apart from an extremely rarely slight sedation.

From your observatory and looking at the future, how do you image the relationship between CBD and animals will evolve?  

I’m certain, also through interaction with my colleagues, that we are at a turning point, because we have the possibility to actually do research and give answers to questions which do not have a reply yet. Regarding the market, I think that by now there’s no way of stopping it.

Interview by Giuseppe Cantelmi

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