CBD crystals dab: facts and fallacies

CBD crystals dab: facts and fallacies


It’s amazing how much inaccurate and just plain wrong information there is online about CBD crystals dab. Enecta is willing to put its name on the line to get the real facts out there, so you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of this particular information. We know you want the truth, and that’s why we’re going to tell it like it is.


CBD crystals dab: is it a ‘legal high’?

At Enecta, we’ve seen a lot of companies marketing CBD crystals dab as being a ‘legal high’. That’s only half true. The half that’s true is the ‘legal’ part. Hemp products are legal all over the world, even though some countries don’t allow hemp to be grown locally. For those who are still confused, we’ll point out that hemp is cannabis, but it isn’t marijuana, and it can’t make you high.

So yes, it is legal, and yes, it does have a relaxing effect, but there is no way on earth that you’re going to get high on CBD crystals dab. If you find that fact disappointing, so be it! It’s nothing but the truth.

So if you can’t get high, why CBD crystal dab?

A lot of people are curious about what effects cannabinoids will have on their bodies. After all, we’ve got a special system inside our bodies that reacts to the cannabinoids our bodies produce all on their own. This system is said to regulate homeostasis, a situation in which our bodies remain in balance.

Many people wonder if CBD might help their bodies recover their natural balance since this is the reason why so many people believe that medical cannabis really does work. At Enecta, we do have an opinion on this, but for now, we’ll just say, “Find out for yourself!”

What is dabbing and how does a CBD crystal dab work?

Dabbing is really rather similar to vaping. A special apparatus is used. The part where the CBD crystal will be inserted is heated up to a very high temperature, then the crystal is dropped into the heated portion of the apparatus and the resulting vapor is inhaled.

Since taking CBD orally means it may be altered by digestive juices, and absorption from the gut is a rather hit and miss process, many prefer to dab. The results are immediate, since the lungs directly absorb CBD into the blood stream.


Absolute product safety and integrity with Enecta

Unlike underground operations producing CBD crystals dab in countries like the US, Enecta is 100% above-board. But don’t take our word for it! We are GMP (Good manufacturing processes) approved and we have tests done in a lab that we don’t control to show that our CBD crystals dab really is 99% CBD.

What’s in the remaining 1%? Nothing sinister. Terpenes are healthy plant compounds and they make up the other 1%.


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