CBD for animals: how to use it, where to buy it?

CBD for animals: how to use it, where to buy it?


CBD is a molecule without psychotropic effects, which has demonstrated, according to several scientific studies , its relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Cannabidiol has been used as an adjuvant in various pathologies, included those affecting domestic animals, a field of application of CBD which is generating growing interest.

Where can one buy CBD for domestic animals?

On the market one can find many products dedicated to our four-legged friends, Enecta has designed a specific product CBD Oil for Pets, 10 ml of product with 500 mg CBD; what does it contain? Olive oil, omega 3 and tocopherol.

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Why did we choose Olive Oil?

We chose to use olive oil and not hemp oil to render the consumption more palatable and natural for the animals.  

Omega 3 are included subsequently, by adding a preparation of plant origin, specifically made for animals.

Why the addition of Omega 3?

The endocannabinoid system of animals is very similar to that of human beings.
Omega 3, besides the benefits on the cardiovascular system, are recommended by veterinarians for the benefits they have at skin and fur level.

The signs of health problems in fact are manifested by a bad state of the fur, which makes the animal sensible to itching, allergies, infections and irritations.

What is the purpose of the endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system is involved both in the control of appetite and in many other physiological functions correlated with stress response and the maintenance of homeostasis. 

The endocannabinoid system is involved in the modulation of the immune, anti-inflammatory, endocrine responses and exerts an anti-proliferative action as well.
Endocannabinoids have neuro-protectant properties, are able to regulate motor and memory activities; they significantly affect the cardiovascular and respiratory systems as well, controlling the heart rate, reducing the arterial pressure and favouring bronchial dilatation.

The organism has a true endocannabinoid system, which deals with synthesizing and demolishing these compounds.

Contrary to traditional hormones and neurotransmitters, stored in secretory vesicles up to the time of release, endocannabinoids are synthesized and released on the spot and degraded immediately after their action.

This means the endocannabinoid system acts on request, exerting its actions only where and when necessary.


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