CBD oil for Cats and Dogs: benefits and uses in some pathologies

CBD oil for Cats and Dogs: benefits and uses in some pathologies


Similarly to the way we talk about CBD for human beings, there is a large number of examples of how CBD could be useful for our domestic animals. 

The fields in which CBD has proved very effective, are, for example, anxiety when travelling or when going to the veterinarian, or the treatment of chronic pain.

In the past few years, many were the individuals, who, after having contacted their own veterinarian, decided to administer CBD to their own dog or cat.

Cannabis for veterinary use. The example of the USA.

Research and experimentation on CBD and animals aren’t lacking and the signals of aperture are increasingly evident. In February 2018, the American Veterinary Medical Association released a document for its members entitled "Cannabis: What Veterinarians need to Know" in order to assist medical veterinary doctors to supply the right advice and to administer the correct therapies.

In the United Stated it has been possible for quite some years already, to find CBD products for animals on the market while in Europe and Italy the use of this kind of products is new, but the interest is increasingly growing, as the numerous requests demonstrate of those who, in case of proven epilepsy, desire to try CBD to alleviate the condition of their animal. In general CBD for animals is found in oil form.

Regarding the quantity to administer, like for humans, the quantity of cannabidiol present in the oil must be taken into consideration, as well as the physical structure of the animal and the objective to be reached. Discussing the matter with your own veterinarian is always the best thing to do.

Cannabis and animals. Douglas Kramer and progress until now.

Vertebrate animals have an endocannabinoid system exactly like that of human beings, which acts on a wide range of biological processes with the objective to preserve the homeostasis of the organism.

The first person to introduce cannabis as an active principle to treat dogs was doctor Douglas Kramer who, going against the health establishment, started to treat his sick Husky with Cannabis. He declared to the Associated Press: “I got tired of having to put domestic animals to sleep, while I wasn’t doing anything to improve their lives”.

The number of dogs treated by doctor Kramer increased from day to day, while CBD added an element to the debate in favour of those who intended to cure animals with cannabis extracts.

Cannabidiol has the capability to calm anxiety states, relax the nerves, forming a true alternative to classic anti-inflammatory drugs, not devoid of contraindications.

Cannabis for animal use has always been the focus of public interest and more and more Italian veterinarians declaring to be using it. It is extremely important to purchase a product dedicated completely to our domestic animals and that it the oil is produced with natural methods and strictly controlled .


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