Dabbing CBD Concentrate: nothing but pleasant effects

Dabbing CBD Concentrate: nothing but pleasant effects

Dabbing, a means of ‘smoking’ without the smoke has hit the cannabis community like a bombshell. Suddenly, everyone is looking for that smooth draw that lets people suck in vast quantities of cannabis vapor. But is it really only something that one does to get high?

Dabbing CBD concentrate: Flavor, smoothness, relaxation – no high

While THC is often considered to be both the villain and the hero of the cannabis story, another cannabinoid, CBD, is gaining popularity. Early-stage research indicates that it may have many of the same benefits so far attributed to THC, and dabbers agree that while it doesn’t produce euphoric or psychoactive effects as THC does, it’s very relaxing.

This is almost the diametric opposite to THC, since many people find that a strong dose makes them paranoid. It also gives them red eyes and a cotton-wool sensation in the mouth. None of these side-effects apply to CBD.

In fact, many people who suffer from anxiety find that CBD sets the scene for a calm and relaxed feeling that allows them to enjoy not only the flavour, but everything they do thereafter.

How does dabbing differ from ingestion?

It takes time for absorption to take place when CBD is ingested, making it hard to determine how much should be consumed for the desired effect. With dabbing, effects are instantaneous as the bloodstream absorbs the active molecules directly from the lungs without interference, delays or possible poor absorption from the digestive system.

If you are already using CBD capsules or oils, consider switching to dabbing to get more bang from your buck a whole lot faster. After all, the digestive system is there to breakdown molecules, and although that helps us to get nutrition from food, it also means that CBD will be altered by digestive processes.

In short, dabbing gives you better absorption and quicker effects without the health risks associated with smoking any form of plant material.

A pleasant ‘smoke’ with no ill-effects

Dabbing CBD concentrate is becoming popular for several reasons. Among these are the lack of ill-effects. Dabbing THC can give you “green-fever” or even more severe symptoms of overdose that while they’re not life-threatening, can certainly be uncomfortable.

No such risks accompany CBD dabbing, and users say that they feel physically relaxed and mentally calm after dabbing CBD concentrate. Add to that the fact that dabbing doesn’t produce tar that can affect the lungs causing cancer, and the reasons behind the growing trend towards dabbing CBD concentrate become clear: it’s pleasant, it makes you feel good, and it doesn’t have any undesirable side effects – in fact, it may even be good for your health!


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