Enecta presents “Premium CBD Oil for Pets”, CBD for our four-legged friends

Enecta presents “Premium CBD Oil for Pets”, CBD for our four-legged friends


Enecta presents a new product on the market, “Premium CBD Oil for Pets”, CBD for our four-legged friends.
Cats and Dogs can catch diseases, have pain of various nature, inflammations, traumas etc.; a subject we have treated and to which we have tried to find a concrete response with this new product.

CBD oil acts in the body of animals in the same way as in a human body; the first person using Cannabis to heal Dogs was doctor Douglas Kramer who, going against the Health Establishment,  started to cure his Husky with Cannabis.

At the Associated Press he declared: “I’d got tired of having to put pets to sleep while doing nothing to improve their lives”.
Premium CBD Oil for Pets, what is it?
We are talking about 10 ml of product with 500 mg  CBD; what does it contain? Olive oil, Omega 3 and Tocopherols, the latter a mix of alpha, beta and gamma, acting as a strong antioxidant besides being a source of vitamin E.


Why did we chose to use Olive Oil?

We chose Olive Oil instead of Hemp oil to make the administration more pleasant and natural also for animals. The Omega 3 are added subsequently in a specific preparation for animals and of vegetal origin.

Why the addition of Omega 3?
The animal endocannabinoid system is very similar to that of human beings, so Omega’s, besides their benefits on the cardio-circulatory system, are much recommended for animals by veterinarians due to the benefits for skin and fur, considering that in an animal that isn’t feeling well, one of the first symptoms manifesting themselves are in fact related to a bad state of health of the fur, making the animal sensible to itching, allergies, infections and irritations.  
So apart from the benefits of Cannabidiol, our fury friends can enjoy the support of other elements to contrast problems or side effects or in any case prevent its occurrence.  
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