Why Does Your Dog Need Hemp Oil

Why Does Your Dog Need Hemp Oil

In our everyday life, we take care of our four-legged friends, while trying to understand their emotions, needs and necessities. 

Premium hemp oil is one of those new elements that more and more people make use of, not just as a natural health supplement, but also to improve the quality of life of the small furry ones!  . 


Why is it useful for our four-legged friends?

The results of the study supply information on why owners of domestic animals purchase Cannabis extracts and similar products.

Most of the people replied to the survey, stating that they currently use this type of products for their dogs, with 49.3% telling to have obtained good results, for example, on anxiety states.

Side effects where never mentioned as a reason to interrupt the use of a product, while the areas considered mainly affected in a positive way by the products comprise pain and reduction of inflammations.


Cannabis Extracts and Prescription Drugs

When the participants in the Study were asked to compare Cannabis products with other forms of medicines and therapies, the major part of the owners stated that the first-mentioned products worked better than other products, and only a 7% affirmed that traditional drugs work much better.

The most common reasons spurring people to use Cannabis products are related to a perception of products coming from natural sources and the possibility to use them as a complement to other traditional therapies.

Over a 90% declared Cannabis products to be “very safe”, accompanied by the necessity to have news updates, particularly on hemp oil, on the fields of application, administration, possible side effects and everything concerning the world of Cannabinoids.   


This Study demonstrates how hemp oil has indeed entered to make part of the daily lives of domestic animals as well.

An ever-growing amount of users show to be informed and disposed to use products related to the world of Cannabis for their quadrupeds, even though there is still a long way to go to be able to affirm with absolute certainty, the effectiveness of Cannabinoids in the veterinarian-medical sector. 

Our four-legged friends can now use Premium Hemp Oil for their own well-being.

Premium Hemp Oil for pets, why choose it?

  • A product easy to administer, by merely adding it to your cat or dog’s meal, or by giving it directly via to the “anti-bite” dropper.

  • A natural remedy,  free from heavy metals, pesticides and safe due to a lack of THC.

  • Assists digestion, supports renal function and supports a healthy environment in the bladder.

  • Contributes to brain development, reduced stress sensation, and has an overall beneficial effect on health.

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