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How to order CBD online? Purchasing instructions and suggestions!

Nowadays we’ve got the possibility to buy CBD on the market in many forms - oils, capsules, vape liquids, crystals – for various prices and in special offers. Especially on the Web

December 11, 2017
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Nowadays we’ve got the possibility to buy CBD on the market in many forms - oils, capsules, vape liquids, crystals – for various prices and in special offers.

Especially on the Web customers-consumers have an extremely broad selection to choose from, however in such conditions it might become hard to pick a reliable product. 

How to choose a Quality CBD product? – Many propose lab certifications of their products, however the element making often  the real difference in presenting the product to the public is the concentration of CBD and the guarantee of the actual presence of cannabidiol.

Actual concentration of CBD – If we take an Enecta product, for example our 10% CBD Oil, 1000 mg of CBD contents are guaranteed; we are not talking about 1000 mg of Hemp extract, but actually about 1000 mg of the active substance.

Plantations and product  chain – It is possible to buy CBD oil on the market from many different companies and almost all of them declare to have extracted their own oil from Organic plantations with specific processes.

A quality product comes from Hemp strains accurately selected on high concentrations of CBD; the plants also must have good soil to grow on, this is an inseparable combination to obtain a premium final result.

Company reliability - verify reliability of the company and  the time it has been present on this  specific market. Enecta  sees after the entire production chain of its own products, from cultivation of Cannabis Sativa to the extraction of Cannabidiol and the realization of the final products ending up on the market.

Enecta extracts CBD and cannabinoids from Cannabis grown on certified organic lands. Hemp grown according to its natural lifecycle, in contrast to other types of cultivations, is the best raw material you can find for the extraction of these molecules.

Delivery times – Assess the reliability of a Company through the delivery times of their product; not only should delivery be fast, but also the delivery modes and the integrity of the delivered product should be part of this evaluation.     

Prices – A variable which often involves subjectivity at the moment of selection. An extremely high price is in no way an indication of quality, just as a bargain price does not necessarily mean you made a good deal, on the contrary. So after having examined all the other variables, one might want to take a closer look at pricing, for example by comparing the prices of similar products (e.g. 10% CBD oil contents) produced by different companies.   

Communication – Visit the web portal of the company, to study the available information thoroughly, to verify for how long the company has been active on the Cannabis market and if not yet satisfied, contact the Brand in order to obtain a closer and more direct encounter, which might help to get rid of any possible remaining doubts. 
We can conclude our analysis, by saying that a product on the market is a reliable product

when it is characterized by quality from the very first production stage - its growth process – onwards: the land it grows on and the subsequent production steps, which can guarantee the consumer a certified, high quality product and in addition through the way the company develops its communication with its customers-consumers; transparency and availability are the keywords.

Are you not satisfied yet and would you like to have more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us, write an e-mail to or contact us through our Social Media Pages, write us on Facebook or leave a message on our Instagram profile and the Enecta Team will be there ready to clarify  all your questions and doubts.


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