Plants that Cats Enjoy and are Safe to Eat

Plants that Cats Enjoy and are Safe to Eat

Our feline friends love to explore different forms of plant, including Cannabis!

Here at Enecta, we believe that's CBD products should not be limited to helping humans aline. For that reason, we manufacture a range of premium CBD products that could offer healthy solutions for pets. We understand how important the health of cats and dogs is to their owners. 

Our feline friends love to explore different forms of plant, especially when they are hungry. They particularly enjoy eating Cannabis and Hemp plants, the leaves of which are perfectly safe for feline consumption.

But let's take a look at some other plants that are safe for cats to eat:

Catnip, Silver Vine or Cat Thyme

Silver Vine, Catnip, and Cat Thyme are all safe for your cats, and they are also healthy for them to eat. Each of these plants stimulates your cat, which can lower stress levels and boost their mood.

Catnip is perhaps the most well-known of these stimulant herbs, but only some cats respond to it. On the other hand, Silver Vine can affect over 80% of cats.

If your cat fails to react to Catnip and you can't access any Silver Vine, we recommend giving Cat Thyme a try. Similar to Catnip and silvervine, this herb can relax and de-stress your cat.

All of these plants are relatively easy to grow and maintain. 

Good Types of Grass

Cat Grass and Lemongrass are some of the most beneficial plants for cats.

Your local pet store is likely to stock Cat Grass due to its increase in popularity with the feline population.

Alternatively, many homeowners grow Lemongrass in their homes for the refreshing smell, as well as the cooking benefits that it offers. Although the blades of Lemongrass are not quite as long and lean as certain types of Cat Grass, it's an edible grass that your cat will appreciate.

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Cats enjoy herbs almost as much as humans. If you cook with herbs such as Rosemary and Parsley, you'll be happy to know they're also safe for your cat.

Parsley is packed with beta-carotene, vitamins A B and C, and potassium. All of which is good in the world of cats.

Rosemary is one of the world's most popular herbs, favored for its versatility and cooking as well as its aromatic scent. Cats love Rosemary because it acts as a natural flea repellent.


Valerian stimulates cats and makes them feel good. If your cat is slightly overweight, it could be just what it needs to get some great healthy exercise.

 If you buy a Valerian plant for your home, you may see your cat nibbling on its leaves. That's perfectly fine, it's safe to eat, and the cat will love its new source of natural energy.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are beautiful house plants that have long, thin foil Edge growing from the center of the plant and falling outwards.

Cats love the plants stimulating qualities, which have a similar effect on Catnip.

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There are beneficial supplements that are derived from natural organic grasses and plants.

If your cat gets overexcited frequently try our Premium CBD Oil for Pets.  These supplements are produced using naturally derived ingredients help to promote calm behavior,  reduce anxiety, and can support your cat by improving a happier mood. 

Made with natural CBD oil, derived from organic materials using premium processes, Premium CBD Oil for Pets promotes the maintenance of happy hormone levels while supporting the brain's natural calming processes.



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