The Future of CBD

The Future of CBD

In recent years, CBD products have surged in popularity. This is mainly because science is finally taking the health benefits that CBD offers seriously.

After years in the shadows of marijuana's prohibition, as Western countries start to decriminalize Cannabis, the medical marijuana industry is booming, and High quality CBD products are helping thousands of people across the world.


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But what about the future of CBD? 

We've scoured the internet to find out what the industries thought leaders think about CBD's position in the coming weeks, months, and years.


Regulation of CBD:

With so many unregulated products on the market, claiming to be CBD oils, there is bound to be a backlash from regulators. We believe this is a good thing, as we spend thousands, ensuring that our hemp is grown free of impurities, our extraction processes are eco-friendly, and our product is as pure as possible.

We must also consider the number of medical claims that are being made, the lack of tracking global hemp production, product sourcing, and the number of unchecked sales across the globe.

It's almost guaranteed that we will see a considerable rise in legislation as CBD becomes increasingly popular and proven as a beneficial supplement.


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CBD Growth in the Market:

While CBD has been stuck between prohibition-era policies and legal acceptance in most countries, all this is changing rapidly. FDA-approved cannabis medication has finally made its way onto the market, and Big Pharma is hot on its heels.

Pharmaceutical professionals are eager to develop CBD based medications over THC products. Simply because CBD is generally safer in terms of its psychoactive effects. We believe that CBD will see incredible growth across both the pharmaceutical and regular markets.


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The market share in the CBD space

Here at Enecta, we grow, extract, and manufacture premium-grade CBD products. Over the years, we've developed an incredible reputation and sell to most of Europe. Due to the lack of intoxicating effects and the therapeutic potential of CBD products, many people are starting their journey and exploring CBD.

This has created a race to grab market share in the CBD space. With many companies, especially in the US, sourcing from the same suppliers. This brings branding, packaging, and shipping challenges to newcomers trying to get their piece of the pie.

We believe that consumers listen to other consumers. That's why we're proud of the hundreds of positive reviews that Enecta products and services received. You can view these reviews by clicking here.


A wider adoption of CBD

We're biased here because we genuinely love CBD. Our whole company ethos, the positive affiliations we make, and the scientific research that we fund are all deliberate attempts to further knowledge and understanding on a global scale.

We believe that over the next decade, more research will be funded to prove the medical benefits for heart health, cancer treatment, epilepsy, and depression. More recently, we've seen the market grow into the treatment of pets. We've seen this grow from dogs and cats to horses who have inflammation problems.

The more we discover about the benefits of CBD, the more people will be encouraged to supplement with what we believe is a natural wonder.


Education Must, and will, Increase:

With the growth in popularity that CBD is facing, we must produce an element of knowledge to the broader market. Many people are blissfully ignorant, associating CBD with Marijuana, prohibition, and even criminality.

Therefore, it's crucial to produce benefit-led information that offers unbiased information to anybody curious about CBD. We, as market leaders, must help to dilute the negative connotations associated with Cannabis.

By assisting people in understanding that CBD is standalone, contains no THC, and has a wealth of benefits, we can move forward as an industry.

For additional information, to read about the studies that we have supported, to view our products, or to contact us, click here today.


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