Therapeutic Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine: Lights and Shades

Therapeutic Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine: Lights and Shades


Some weekends ago the Conference “Therapeutic Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine: Lights and Shades” took place in Perugia at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, organized by the “Study Centre on Animal Pain” of the University of Studies of Perugia in collaboration with the CanapAmo Umbria Association.

CanapAmo is a young Association which has worked for some years now, promoting events and meetings in which connections are made between citizens, medical doctors, agriculturists and all individuals in general interested in the world of Cannabis.

The Speakers

The day opened with the presentation of Doctor Giorgia Della Rocca, from the Department of Veterinarian Medicine of Perugia.  

The topics discussed,  “Endocannabinoid System and its biological role” and “Cannabis and its active principles:  a glimpse on phytotherapy” have drawn a general picture, which gave the possibility to state how Cannabis and its extracts can definitely represent a great ally for animals, however it is necessary to develop Studies and Research to know more about it in terms of results and certainties.  

“The speeches introduced had the goal to supply the participants of a balanced and constructive picture  of an extremely complex ‘hot topic’– Doctor Della Rocca commented – making the many critiques emerge, but highlighting at the same time the possible application potentials ”.

“Certainly  there is still  long way to go, both in legal terms, as there still is no clarity on the argument, both and most of all in terms of research: only with preclinical and clinical studies it is possible to confirm (we hope) the actual effectiveness and tolerability of this plant with its numerous potentials”.

Also present was the world of Pharmacists with Alessandro Betti from the ‘Betti Pharmacy’ in Terni speaking about the Topic of “Magistral preparations and prescriptions & legislative provisions”, while Stefano Coaccioli of the Department of Medicine of Perugia has shown the various Studies realized up to today, in which the therapeutic effectiveness of Cannabinoids has been highlighted.

The experiences of Veterinarians

Doctor Elena Battaglia, operating in Liguria, has demonstrated her own experiences, for example regarding a cat fallen off the balcony and presenting bone fractures.  

After almost two months without having used CBD the cat walked relatively well but didn’t jump anymore while expressing pain. After two months of treatment with CBD the cat started running and jumping like before.



Another example is that of a Pug of five months, presenting articular fragility due to a premature closure of the growth cartilage of the ulna; this created a severe lameness.

Thanks to a Cannabidiol treatment, the dog got back to running again while waiting for surgery to resolve the problem, which took place after 10 days from the CBD treatment.

Doctor Daniele Corlazzoli, operating in a private Veterinary Clinic in the southern part of Rome, besides sharing his personal experience, has pointed out how we are only just at the beginning of a pathway bringing us to establish how effective Cannabis actually is on animals and hence the necessity to invest in Studies and Research.

“The outcome of the day can undoubtedly be considered positive - Doctor Della Rocca concludes - the numerous participation of veterinarians coming from many different Italian regions and the feedback sent by many the participants have without a doubt generated a strong interest in the subject addressed and have confirmed the success of the initiative”
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