What effect does CBD (Cannabidiol) have on our four-legged friends?

What effect does CBD (Cannabidiol) have on our four-legged friends?

Even our four-legged friends can contract diseases, various pains, inflammations, traumas and so on, an issue that we have faced and which we return to deal with to deepen our understanding of how CBD can be a good ally for our hairy friends!

CBD oil and the Endocannabinoid system

CBD oil in the body of the animal acts in the same way as in the human body. The first person to announce Cannabis use safe with dogs was Dr. Douglas Kramer, who going to the health establishment began to treat his Husky with Cannabis.

To The Associated Press he declared: "I got tired of having to kill domestic animals when I was not doing anything to make their lives better".

The direct experience of Enecta tells the story of Jack, a 7 year old Belgian Shepherd Malinois, suffering from a form of resistant Epilepsy, which, thanks to the support of Premium Hemp Extract 10%, has had very positive results.
"Jack started to look less stressed and now I'm trying to adjust the dosage, currently set at 2mg a day, taken at breakfast and dinner. My goal is to find the right CBD dosage for him to stop me from even using Phenobarbital".

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- CBD and pets, the Enecta interview "We are at a turning point", click Here!



Dosage of CBD oil
The dosage, one of the most debated aspects, depends on the weight of the animal.
The advice is to start with a few drops a day, then twice a day, for a total of 6 - 7 drops.
After a week - ten days it is possible to observe the first results and only on the basis of those you decide whether to increase or decrease the administration of CBD.
If suffering from a serious condition is recommended to consult a doctor - our recommendations are the result of our experience in the field.

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