Buy strong CBD oil, or don’t bother at all

Buy strong CBD oil, or don’t bother at all

"The strongest CBD oil among the sampling of products tested was intended for pets and contained 2.6% CBD. The makers did not claim a specific percentage of CBD. It’s almost laughable that 'strong' CBD oil in the US is so low in cannabinoids, but it stops being funny when you think that people are buying this product specifically for the CBD content. [...]"



The what, why and how of CBD crystals

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard about the cannabinoid known as cannabidiol or CBD which, unlike THC, doesn’t make you high and is said to have very similar health benefits. While we don’t make any such claims, there certainly has been research that shows CBD affects the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. All we can say for sure at this point is that our Enecta CBD crystals are remarkably pure.

We’re eagerly awaiting research progress that will tell us for certain if all the things people are saying about CBD, and all the ‘promising’ research to date really does translate into a proven cure for even a few of the many ailments people are using it to treat.

What are CBD crystals?

When one extracts cannabidiol in its purest form from cannabis plants, it can be concentrated into CBD crystals that contain just the cannabinoid CBD, with a few terpenes still included. In fact, one can reach CBD concentrations of up to 99%, and since that’s exactly what we achieve at Enecta, we’ll vouch for that fact.

Why use CBD crystals, and why choose Enecta?

Most people choose Enecta CBD crystals because although they are just about pure cannabinoid, they can’t produce the stoned feeling that THC causes. The lack of THC means that you can still drive safely, think clearly and even pass drug tests while using cannabinoids. And if cannabis in the form of herbal marijuana or THC isn’t legal in your area, you can’t be arrested for being possession of something that doesn’t fit the definition of a drug.

Another reason why people choose Enecta CBD crystals is the sheer purity of the product. It contains exactly what it says on the label and nothing else. There are no traces of solvents or pesticides, and to help our clients to have confidence in our product, we’ve even achieved Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. This certification is used on foods and pharmaceuticals to show they’re safe and what they claim to be.

How do we achieve solvent-free extracts and how do we know what’s in them?

Enecta uses an environmentally safe and residue free extraction method to  obtain its CBD crystals.

It’s not the sort of process you can use in your kitchen, but our well-equipped laboratories are able to use this costly method for improved consumer safety.

We also have our extracts tested in a laboratory that isn’t directly affiliated with us, and every batch comes with its lab report. We want to know that we’re offering you CBD crystals that are as pure as can be, and for the sake of your confidence and ours, the lab reports are there as proof.

How does one use CBD crystals?

To enjoy the benefits of your CBD crystals, you can dab them, vape them or add them to herbs or edibles. The ideal temperature for the release of CBD as a vapour is 160 to 190 degrees centigrade.

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