C1000: Enecta's new soothing Hemp Oil

C1000: Enecta's new soothing Hemp Oil



Enecta presents C1000, Hemp oil with 1000mg of CBD for those who use Cannabidiol for therapeutic purposes. From next June, it will be posible to find it on pharmacy counters.


What are the properties of C1000?

When taken orally or topically, the oil acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic,  and neuroprotective. It also helps to combat anxiety and insomnia.

As mentioned above, our dermatological tests have shown that C1000 is not irritating (even to the most sensitive skin).


Where is CBD extracted from?

The CBD you'll find in the oil is extracted from the Enecta cultivations present in Italy, processed with the highest quality and safety standards.

Laboratory studies also show how the product is free of pesticides and heavy metals.

Enecta controls the entire production process, from the seed to the final product that ends up on the market, to ensure that users have a safe and quality product at a sustainable price.


Hemp Seed Oil – oil obtained by cold pressing the seeds of Hemp Sativa L.

CBD (Cannabidiol) – 1000mg

Natural tocopherols – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta.

What do we find in C1000?

In addition to taking Cannabidiol, the oil is rich in the natural components of the Cannabis plant, including phytocannabinoids such as CBG and CBN, precious Terpens, essential fatty acids like Omega-6, Omega-3, and Vitamin E.
In the next few days we will return to take a closer look at C1000, providing our customers with all the necessary information about this new Enecta product.

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