CBD for Pets: the Decalogue for Dogs and Cats!

CBD for Pets: the Decalogue for Dogs and Cats!

We talked about the importance of CBD for pets, also presenting our new product "CBD Oil for Pets".

Today, referring to the experience of the Pavia Veterinary Surgery Clinic, we propose the 10 Commandments for dogs and cats. These are the ten things you need to know if you want to 'cure' your hairy friend with CBD.



The 10 Commandments


1 - Cannabidiol Oil (CBD) is a non-psychoactive metabolite of Cannabis sativa, as it does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), responsible for the narcotic effects of marijuana and toxic to our pets.

It preserves only the precious healing properties of hemp thanks to its ability to interact with the endocannabioid system receptors, acting on pain, anxiety, nausea and inflammation. In Italy its use has become legal thanks to the law 242/16, in force since 14/01/2017.

2 - CBD can be used to treat numerous behavioral disorders of dogs and cats, such as separation anxiety, abandonment, fear, phobias, aggression and post-traumatic disorders.
3 - CBD, together with conventional therapies, can be a valid aid in symptomatic therapy of tumors, improving the quality of life of the patient reducing nausea, pain and inflammation.

4 - CBD, combined with conventional therapies, can help in the treatment of epilepsy, significantly reducing the number of attacks.

5 - CBD, with its powerful anti-inflammatory action, is also an excellent ally in the treatment of chronic inflammatory processes of the musculoskeletal system as in the case of arthrosis and osteoarthritis.

6 - CBD can help ongoing gastrointestinal disorders related to forms of adverse food reactions or autoimmune diseases such as IBD (intestinal bowel disease).

7 - CBD performs a protective action against the nervous system, thanks to its antioxidant properties, important allies in the treatment of cognitive disorders.

8 - CBD increases appetite and has anti-nausea properties, fundamental during poisoning, side effects from drugs and tumors.

9 - CBD supports heart and circulatory system health, both directly and by reducing increases in heart rate and blood pressure caused by stress and anxiety.

10 - The most important property of CBD is its ability to perform all these functions safely without negative consequences for the health of our pets.


Sources: ambulatorioveterinarioindipendenzapavia.it

photo by: Davide Pietralunga

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