Enecta, CBD for Pets: 5 things you should know!

Enecta, CBD for Pets: 5 things you should know!

The presence of our four-legged friends in a family or in general in the daily lives of people, is irreplaceable; special affections which make special relationships come to life.


With all this in mind and knowing how important the health of our hairy friends is, Enecta has created CBD Oil for Pets, a unique product designed to sustain pets in case of pathologies and more in general, to improve the psychophysical wellbeing of the animal.

After having presented the product (Click Here) in the past days, today we will discover 5 things you should know about CBD Oil for Pets.

CBD oil, which differences between animals and human beings?

CBD oil in the body of animals act in the same way as in the human body. The first person to open the frontiers of Cannabis for curing animals was doctor Douglas Kramer, who, going against the Health Establishment, started to cure his dog Husky with Cannabis. At the Associated Press he declared: “I was tired of having to put pets to sleep, while doing nothing to improve the quality of their lives.”

- The Endocannabinoid System and CBD, click Here!


CBD is neuroprotective, its contribution to fighting neurodegenerative pathologies

CBD isn’t psychoactive!

Many individuals write us with the fear of finding their dogs or cats “stoned” after the intake of the product.

CBD isn’t psychoactive! Your four-legged friend will not have any side effects, on the contrary, it will benefit of the effects of Cannabidiol, which are for example…

 - Pain control due to its anti-inflammatory properties
 - It contrasts anxiety states and general stress
 - It improves the functions of the nervous system

It also helps in serious pathologies, like epilepsy; with regards to this, read the story of Jack, having returned to a satisfying state of wellbeing thanks to CBD, in spite of its disease, click Here!

CBD and PetsRead the interview with doctor Elena Battaglia

Why did we choose Olive oil?

We chose Olive di Oil and not Hemp Oil to make the intake more pleasant and natural also for animals. The Omega 3s are added subsequently in a specific preparation for animals, of plant origin.


The dosage, one of the most discussed aspects; it’s necessary to consider the weight of the animal in the first place. The advice is to start with a few drops a day, then two times a day, for a total of 6 – 7 drops.

After a week to 10 days it is possible to observe the first results and only on the basis of these results you will decide to increase or diminish the administration of CBD. If your pet is affected by a severe illness, it is recommended to consult a veterinary doctor; our suggestions are based only on our field experience. Write an e-mail to wecare@enecta.it

CBD and its role as a Neuroprotective

CBD is neuroprotective, its contribution to fighting neurodegenerative pathologies could reveal itself essential. CBD, according to a research study conducted in 2013, helps regulating blood pressure and is cytotoxic for some types of tumour cells,  while protecting healthy cells. 

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