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Enecta Bike Tour, first edition “A tribute to Abruzzo”

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 18.09.2018

Enecta Bike Tour, first edition “A tribute to Abruzzo”


During the weekend the first edition of the Enecta Bike Tour was held in Abruzzo. A long round tour by bike to talk, and not only, about Green Valley, the company from Abruzzo where Cannabis is cultivated.

A caravan of thirty individuals, amongst whom cyclists, staff and supporting staff, with a couple of foreign components, left on Saturday 8 September from Castelvecchio Subequo and arrived in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, to return the day after, taking an alternative route.



“The Enecta Bike Tour - Jacopo Paolini explains - is a tribute to the Abruzzo territory. Today the Hemp supply chain, also due to an important adjustment of the Italian regulatory framework, which promotes its industrial cultivation, has the possibility to become an economy driving force of the Country, creating new economic opportunities as well as new professional figures and work spaces”.

The Enecta Bike Tour has been designed for those who love bikingnature and mountains in all their forms. During the two day tour the cyclists appreciated, besides the ascents, local products, culinary delicacies and wines from the territory.

The group crossed the Parco nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga, where you can find more than a third of the Italian floral heritage. Biking through the timeless marvels of the small Tibet of Abruzzo, Campo Imperatore, where on May 13 this year the ninth stage of the Giro d’Italia 2018 ended.


Not a competitive race, but a caravan of cyclist, biking together in the green lands of Abruzzo.


The Enecta Story

Enecta is an Italian-Dutch company founded in 2012 in the Netherlands by two young Italian entrepreneurs, Jacopo Paolini e Marco Cappiello.

Enecta produces and markets products derived from the processing of cannabis. The company is highly specialized in the extraction of the active principles present in the plant, and in particular of CBD, a non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid. The company produces extracts, oils, capsules and crystals, which contain high concentrations of CBD.  

The company commits itself to bring innovation in research, in the production and the utilization of products containing phytocannabinoids. Applications connected to the medical use for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry are being studied.

Today the company has a team of over 30 individuals, amongst whom cultivators, botanists, researchers, pharmacists, laboratory technicians and professionals from the medical sector. The Company distributes its products in Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan. 


“For a territory like Abruzzo - Paolini states- the development of fields on which Cannabis is cultivated, besides generating an interesting income, represents a recovery tool of a territory risking to be abandoned.  

Enecta Bike Tour 2019

The Enecta Bike Tour will be repeated in 2019 with the second edition which announces itself always in the sign of Abruzzo and Cannabis, with a major involvement of cyclists coming from the whole of Europe, like Valdimir, Russian cyclists, who arrived from Vienna by train to bike around in the green hinterlands of Abruzzo.

Enthusiasm at the end of the two day tour amongst the cyclists participating this first edition and who pedaled for a total of over 160 km, all dressed in the same uniform, dedicated to the Tour.  

In the next days we will publish additional photographic contents and videos on this first edition of the Enecta Bike Tour. If you want to follow the updates regarding the Enecta Bike Tour, put a ‘like’ on our dedicated Facebook page and you will always be adjourned on the novelties.