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Enecta presents Premium Hemp Extract CBD Capsules

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 28.02.2018

Enecta presents Premium Hemp Extract CBD Capsules



Enecta presents a very interesting new product on the market, Premium Hemp Extract CBD in capsules, created with a production process entirely monitored by Enecta, starting from our Cannabis Sativa L. plantations present on the Italian territory. 

We are not talking about two-shell capsules, one can easily find on the market, but in this case of a small pearl of CBD oil, which, apart from assuring the production quality of the product, allows the consumer to obtain a perfect CBD dosage.

Odourless and with a delicate cannabis flavour, each capsule contains 33,6 mg of CBD in our Hemp Oil.

Why use Premium Hemp Extract CBD Capsules?
You know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you take every time you swallow a capsule. An essential aspect for those who use CBD for therapeutic purposes as well as for those who intend to try CBD for the first time and find capsules an ideal option.

The second element to consider for using capsules regards the absorption of CBD Oil by our organism, which seems more complete when consuming capsules compared to drops.



Practical and handy, when you travel you can take the exact quantity of CBD you need with you.  

In addition, a strong point of our product regards the issue of wasting and “overdosing”; convenient and easy in use, Capsules allow you to programme costs and quantities of the CBD consumed or to be consumed for the objectives you set to make the best use of the characteristics of the extract.

With this product spilling is avoided, no risk of leaking of the contents, and every milligram of the CBD present in the capsules is retained. In comparison to a dropper bottle they are easy in use for everybody, also for those who have poor sight or don’t have a steady hand!  


Contents of the capsule: Hemp seed Oil, Cannabidiol, Natural Tocopherols (E306)

Shell composition: Water, Fish Gelatine for food, Glycerol (E422)

CBD contents in each capsule: 33,6 mg of CBD

Fill weight per capsule: 336 mg


Would you like to know more about Premium Hemp Extract CBD capsules?

Don’t hesitate to contact us! Write to our e-mail address,, or leave a message our Facebook page; the Enecta Team will be at your complete disposal to support you and reply to any questions or doubts you may have.