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C 2400 Cbd Oil


C 2400 Cbd Oil-Enecta.en
C 2400 Cbd Oil-Enecta.en
C 2400 Cbd Oil-Enecta.en
C 2400 Cbd Oil-Enecta.en
C 2400 Cbd Oil-Enecta.en

C 2400 Cbd Oil

Soothing CBD Hemp oil with 2400 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD), extracted in Italy from our plants of Cannabis Sativa L.  

Quality and Certifications


Download the PDF with the test of potencial irritancy on sensitive skin
Download the PDF with  test done on our cosmetic line

"C" Line

The oils from the C Enecta line are rich in Cannabidiol in 4 different concentrations: 300 -1000 - 2400 mg (10 ml) and 3000 mg of CBD (30 ml).  Entirely made in Italy, they are derived from plants grown without the use of pesticides and extracts and bottled in plants that follow the strictest and safest pharmaceutical standards.

The analyses, carried out in a recurring manner by third party laboratories, certify that CBD soothing Hemp Oil is free of pesticides, heavy metals, but rich in the natural components of the plant such as: phytocannabinoids (CBG, CBN), Terpenes, essential fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3, Vitamin E and naturally cold-pressed Hemp Oil.


Hemp Oil, 2400 mg Cannabidiol (CBD), Natural tocopherols

The ingredients of C2400 come from Cannabis Sativa L. crops with THC within the limits of the law: it does not contain psychoactive substances.


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The world of Enecta: from farming to pharma

Enecta was founded in 2013 and is based in Italy and the Netherlands. It is specialized in the research and production of cannabis extracts and phytocannabinoids for the pharmaceutical industry.

Enecta represents one of the most reliable brands in the field of phytocannabinoids in Europe and worldwide.

Thanks to the creation of an integrated and innovative network, Enecta is able to follow all the production phases - from cultivation to bottling and subsequent distribution.

Soothing Hemp Oil

Available in three different concentrations of CBD, Enecta C line oil easily adapts to the different needs of each of them.

The product comes in the form of hemp oil, obtained by cold pressing the seeds of hemp Sativa L., a method that protects the extract from harmful alterations.

It is taken through a practical and efficient dispenser that avoids waste and ensures precise dosages.

The addition of natural tocopherols alpha, beta, gamma and delta, in addition to ensuring the natural preservation of the product, combines the already beneficial properties of cannabidiol, as well as important anti-oxidant properties.


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