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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5% - 10 ml

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5% - 10 ml

Full-spectrum CBD oil with terpenes.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 15% - 10 ml

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 15% - 10 ml

Full-spectrum CBD oil with terpenes.

CBD gummies to fend off stress and anxiety

CBD gummies to fend off stress and anxiety

A natural ally in cases of anxiety and stress


CBD, a natural ally for curing Anxiety and Stress.

Fear and anxiety are adaptive responses from our organism to potential threats, put into action for our survival.

However these responses often become excessive and are no longer linked to real threats, causing physical symptoms that are sometimes particularly debilitating, including tension, shaking, sweating, palpitations, increased heart rate, vertigo and nausea.

It is estimated that a good 2.2 million people in Italy suffered from severe chronic anxiety in 2015.

To resolve the problem you usually turn to classic medications, which fall under the following categories:

  • Anxiolytics
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Antidepressants

For anxiety, however, these medications carry side effects which, especially in the long run, can cause considerable discomfort.

Luckily there are other natural, effective remedies to tackle the problem. Among these is CBD, a natural component of Cannabis, which acts on the peripheral nervous system, in an effective way without psychotropic effects.

According to various conducted scientific studies, CBD can be a very valid aid in the following cases:

  • Panic attacks
  • States of anxiety
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Social anxiety
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Generalised anxiety
  • Muscle tension
  • Accelerated heart rate

What science says about CBD and anxiety

In 2015, a review was published in the Neuroterapeuthics magazine of studies conducted up to that point, aimed at verifying the effects of CBD in treating states of anxiety. The results confirmed the initial hypothesis, that is, that CBD can be effective in reducing state of anxiety.

The review examined 49 preclinical, clinical and epidemiological studies and also included studies done with new imaging techniques (technologies that allow us to study brain metabolism).

From the review, curated by Esther M. Blessing, Maria M. Steenkamp, Jorge Manzanares and Charles R. Marmar at the New York School of Medicine, it emerged that preclinical studies demonstrated the effectiveness of CBD in reducing anxiety caused by many disorders like, for example, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalised anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and many others.

It is the 2018 study of the scientists of the University of Washington, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, which considered a very large sample of people - more than 1,400 volunteers and volunteers - to investigate the effectiveness of cannabis products in dealing with anxiety and stress.

The researchers used an application (Strainprint), with which the participants indicated their data (collected anonymously), the amount and type of cannabis used and, finally, the effects found.

From the 12,000 responses received by the authors of the study, it was found that more than half (58%) perceived a clear reduction in anxiety. In particular, cannabis with high CBD content and low THC was indicated as the most effective to treat anxiety and depression.

Still have doubts?
Here are the answers to our customers most frequently asked questions

How much CBD should I take to treat anxiety?

Everyone can respond differently to taking different amounts of CBD in relation to different parameters like:

  • Body weight
  • Age
  • Reason for taking CBD
  • Existence of more health problems
  • Taking other medication at the same time

To date most scientific studies have been conducted using a variable dose between 50 mg per day and 80 milligrams per day. We always recommend that you seek medical advice.

Are there side effects?

Hemp is generally considered safe for human beings and animals. In fact, to date no scientific studies have reported negative effects related to taking CBD. However, in some cases side effects were detected, however, determined by the simultaneous intake with drugs. For this reason, especially if you're taking any type of medication, we advise you to seek advice from your doctor.

Can you get addicted to CBD?

To date no literature has demonstrated abuse or physical dependence problems, either with animals or humans, related to taking CBD.

Does CBD have psychoactive effects?

Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive activities. Numerous studies have highlighted how it can counteract or reduce the negative effects of THC. Research suggests that more than defining cannabidiol as a non-psychoactive substance, it should be defined as non-inebriating, because despite having significant effects on the brain, would seem to be devoid of those characteristics that could transform it into a substance that can cause abuse or addiction.

CBDay Plus or Premium Hemp: what should I choose to manage anxiety?

You don’t necessarily have to choose; you can combine them. Both are effective against anxiety, but CBDay Plus 15% is extraordinary to manage chronic anxiety disorders and cope with panic attacks. The CBDay line is also boosted by terpenes that have relaxing properties and enhance the effect of CBD.

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