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The vape scene discovers the benefits when they vape CBD

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Back in the day, the only ways to take cannabis were to smoke it or eat it, and a great many people did just that – either for recreational purposes or medical reasons. Nowadays, we know that we can get the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive THC, and we can use Cannabidiol (CBD) for vape without psychoactive effects. CBD benefits immediately follow as a consequence.

Vaporizers don’t burn the material, they only heat it until it releases the active ingredient. In the case of nicotine, it’s an addictive, toxic substance, but cannabidiol for vape is completely benign and is turning out popular among those who hope that cannabidiol (CBD) will benefit their health, or simply because they enjoy vaping and the relaxing effects of cannabidiol.

Taking the smoke out of smoking

The reason why health authorities agree that vaping is so safe, is because the harmful by-products of combustion don’t form part of the vape. The temperatures used for vaping are much lower than those generated through traditional smoking.

A Marijuana pipe can reach temperatures of up to 900C during a puff, but the maximum setting on most vape devices is just 230C, and you don’t even have to go that high: a setting of 140 – 185 is more than ample to get all the goodness out of your e liquid.


Waste not want not

Whether you are using cannabidiol just because you like it, or because you are seeking a health benefit, figuring out just how much to use is easy when you vape. CBD when orally taken takes time to get absorbed into the body. That’s why so many people eating THC edibles actually overdose with uncomfortable (although not dangerous) consequences. They simply don’t know how much is enough.

Although CBD can’t produce any unpleasant effects if you take more than you need, it still seems a terrible waste to use more than is necessary. With vaping, the effects are instant. You can decide right away if you need to use a little more to get the effect you’re looking for, or whether you’ve had enough for now.

Vape CBD: actually make breathing easier!

Here’s a shocker: when tobacco was first brought to Europe, it was used to relieve asthma! That’s because nicotine initially dilates the airways, making breathing easier – but after a while the airways actually constrict again. Today, we know that there is no good reason to use nicotine, but Cannabidiol has been found to have bronchodilation properties that actually last.


No stale smoke smells

No matter what you smoke, the traces are left behind in your hair, in your clothes, and lingering in indoor spaces. That’s why non-smokers really hate entering smoking areas. Of course, it’s a health risk to a certain extent, but what bothers them the most is the smell. Vape, and there’s absolutely no odor.

Types of vaporizer

Just walk into a store selling vaporizers and you’ll be bowled over by the sheer number of makes, models and vaping methods you can choose from. To simplify your choice, and help you to find the right apparatus to vape CBD, consider these factors:

Conduction vs Convection

Conduction vaporizers heat the chamber that the CBD is contained in. As the temperature increases, the CBD begins to vaporize. With convection, heated air is passed through the CBD to vaporize it. Some vaporizers use both methods.


Tabletop version or pocket version

Although tabletop versions are often thought to be more efficient because they can be as big as the designers want them to be, a really good pocket vaporizer can be just as effective, and of course, it’s much easier to take along when you’re out and about.


Adjustable temperature or not?

Having control over the temperature of your vaporizer puts you in control of your vaping experience. Apart from being able to find the setting that you enjoy, it’s also important in determining which plant compounds will be vaporized, and that’s important if you vape CBD for medical reasons.

The mouthpiece

Although there may be composites that are non-reactive, it’s hard to know just by looking. As a result, most people agree that glass is the best material for the mouthpiece to be made of. The same naturally applies to the area between the heating chamber and the mouthpiece.

The heating chamber

Ceramic heating chambers are generally considered t be the best choice, and you should avoid a vaporizer with a heating coil right in the heating chamber. Basically, it will produce the kind of smoke you want to avoid.

What is your preferred CBD vape formulation?

 Vaporizers were first developed to use dried plant material, but today’s scientifically formulated e-liquids and CBD crystals allow you to know exactly what you are taking and how much you are getting. You can get vaporizers that are best for use with e-liquids, dabbing gear that is better for crystals, and more advanced vaporizers that offer you both options.

Vape CBD with Enecta

Having the best gear in the world won’t help you if you don’t have a reputable e-liquid or CBD crystals to begin with. At Enecta we produce all our e-liquids and CBD crystals in accordance with good manufacturing practices, helping you to be sure that you are consuming all-natural ingredients, and giving you the confidence that the amount of CBD in your product is just what it says on the packaging.

Pure, natural ingredients are all that goes into Enecta e-liquid. Vape CBD with confidence. Enjoy its effects with pleasure.

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