The medical Cannabis industry is growing fast in the USA

Cannabis Careers in the USA

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The days when being in the cannabis industry meant you were you were likely to be a hippie are long gone.


With the growing cannabis industry, more and more jobs are being created


With the medical Cannabis industry growing fast, so are job opportunities in the Cannabis industry. And with Cannabis enjoying a new, far more reputable image, some pretty serious people are taking advantage of the employment boom. Apart from executive posts, there are also plenty of jobs for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. We take a look at the jobs that cannabis is creating, and the qualifications that can give you a head start.

Business executives

The days when being in the cannabis industry meant you were you were likely to be a hippie are long gone. High-powered executives are taking on the opportunities offered by the Cannabis industry, both as business owners and as directors of Cannabis companies. Nowadays, a cannabis kingpin is more likely to have a degree and wear a suit to work than be a college dropout in a tie-dyed tee shirt.



A massive marketing machine lies behind the cannabis industry. Branding is big business, and who but a marketing expert is qualified to devise and execute a successful branding strategy? If you’re in business, it’s not just about promoting a product, it’s about differentiating your product from all the others on the market. This in turn leads to jobs for website designers, graphic designers, bloggers and more!


Plant breeders and seed merchants

New cultivars keep appearing on the market, but who is behind the seemingly never-ending stream of plant varieties with intriguing names? Plant breeders can make a name for themselves if they’re able to come up with a cultivar that makes a big impression. They select and cross plants in order to obtain a variety of effects: certain cannabinoid balances, bud-bearing qualities and growth habit are among the qualities targeted by plant breeders.



From high-tech indoor grows to large-scale field growing both the marijuana and hemp industries are eager to employ people with green fingers and a knack for coordinating farming activities. Some of today’s master-growers are the cannabis black-market suppliers of yesteryear enjoying new-found security through growing cannabis legally. Others are scientifically-minded agriculturists and horticulturists who are working on the perfect protocol for growing specific strains of cannabis.


Farm workers

Although quite a lot of processes can be automated, every farm needs a few employees who understand farming and have a few basic handyman skills. Pumps need to be maintained, crops need to be monitored, and at harvest time, hands are needed to gather in the bounty.



It’s all about the flowers, but the cannabis plant’s flowers come with a few leaves dotted through the “bud”, which actually consists of a multitude of tiny flowers. To get the best prices, these leaves have to be trimmed away by hand without hurting the flowers, and cannabis businesses need people who enjoy fine, detailed work to wield the scissors.


Delivery drivers

Whether cannabis goes directly to retailers or is sent to labs for processing, someone has to transport the produce from point A to point B. Have you got a heavy duty license? Perhaps the cannabis industry has a job for you too!


Lab technicians

Herbal cannabis is just one of the many options available to people these days. Extracts of the plant are very popular, and although backyard businesses may resemble a meth lab (and be as dangerous), there are also some really serious laboratories where technicians oversee the extraction process with scientific precision. In addition, most people prefer a product that has been tested properly, and accredited labs need technicians to get the job done.


Packaging line workers

Developing appealing packaging is the job of marketers, but someone has to oversee the packaging line, even when it is fully automated. Just as every industry has its packaging workers, so too does the cannabis industry.


Chefs and food technologists

Cannabis has always been used as a food, and both marijuana and hemp are used in creating a range of recipes from sweet treats to gourmet meals. Can you cook up a storm? Maybe you’d like to become the world’s most famous cannabis chef.



Getting a license to open a dispensary may not be easy, but if you are ready to jump through a few hoops, you might be one of the lucky ones who get the official go-ahead to open your own medical or recreational cannabis store. From the basic to the boutique, cannabis retailers are benefiting from the boom, and of course they need staff too.


Store managers and buyers

If a store does well, it may ultimately open several branches, and every store needs a branch manager to ensure that business runs smoothly. Keeping the store well-stocked with the right produce is also important, and buyers have the enviable task of doing the “shopping” for retail store supplies.


Bud tenders

Every retailer needs knowledgeable shop assistants to help clients choose their products. The bud tender is the cannabis equivalent of a barista. What flavors do you like? Do you want a mild, hemp cannabis that doesn’t make you high, or would you prefer a high effect? If so, what kind of a high are you looking for? Sociable folks who are passionate about cannabis stand a chance of becoming famous bud tenders.


Security officials

With a product that comes at a relatively high price and most business dealings taking place in cash, security has to be tight. Keeping customers, stock and the proceeds of sales safe requires alert people on duty. It’s not just banks who need security guards.

Cannabis qualifications

The cannabis industry covers a wide range of jobs and career directions. To net a top job, a college qualification could come in handy. For example, a science degree, business degree or a degree in agriculture could see you landing one of the coveted top posts, but there are even certificate courses that specialize in the cannabis industry. Visit THCU to register for courses ranging from horticulture specialist to products expert. You may be surprised at the range of learning directions on offer!


Will you get rich working in the cannabis industry?

Unfortunately those seeking an easy way to get rich will have to look elsewhere. Most cannabis businesses are running on very narrow profit margins if they are making a profit at all. However, there is no shortage of job opportunities, and you can expect to make a comfortable living.


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