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CBD Crystals: What are They Used for? Where are They Obtained, and What Are the Effects?

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We’ve all heard of CBD (Cannabidiol), but what about CBD Crystals? CBD Cannabidiol Crystals, also referred to as CBD isolate, is the purest and cleanest form of CBD with purity levels of >99%. They also contain very low levels of other cannabinoids such as THC and other compounds that are sometimes present in full-spectrum CBD products. 

The advantages and differences between Crystals and other CBD Products

CBD Crystals and other CBD products’ main difference is how CBD crystals are manufactured to remove everything but the THC component. This can be beneficial to people who don’t want any THC traces; however, both products have very similar benefits.

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Effects of CBD on the Brain and Body

CBD and CBD crystals both have the same effect on our bodies and brains. This is because all humans have an endocannabinoid system that assists us in maintaining overall wellness through nerve cell signaling or homeostasis. 

CBD works with our cannabinoid systems through the interception of CB1 (primarily found in the nervous system) and CB2 (primarily immune cells) receptors. These receptors are responsible for transmitting messages to the brain. CBD is able to reduce sensation by impacting the activity of these receptors helping to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, inflammation, and much more.

How are CBD Crystals Obtained?

CBD Crystals are made by removing all other compounds from the plant, which were initially extracted from the cannabis plant. There are many ways to extract CBD from the cannabis plant.

A crucial part of making CBD crystals is the isolation of CBD. The isolation of CBD in the making of CBD Crystals requires more steps than making just CBD oil alone. The difference is that when creating CBD Crystals, we are removing more elements such as phospholipids and flavors from the product. This means the final product doesn’t taste like cannabis, has no other cannabinoids, flavinoids or terpenes left behind. Therefore, creating a more pure product requires a more complex production. 

The 6 Steps Needed to Achieve Isolation and Crystals

Step 1: Extraction

To make a concentrate, you first need extraction. A range of solvents can be used in this process; however, the most commonly used solvent in the production of CBD isolate or CBD Crystals is ethanol, which draws out the cannabinoids. 

Step 2: Winterization

This is the process of removing things like fats, waxes, and chlorophyll from the extract. These elements need to be removed in order to reach the purity of the target CBD compound. This is achieved by cooling down the extract to sub-zero temperature using the solvent, then maintaining a low-temperature environment for some time.  This allows the fats and waxes to separate from the miscella.

Step 3: Filtration 

Once winterization is complete, Waxes and fats need to be filtered from the crude oil quickly using a filter press and the assistance of a vacuum pump pulling the miscella through a series of filters. Fats and waxes are collected in one vessel and miscella in another. 

Step 4: Decarboxylation

Decarboxylation is a crucial step. This process involves removing carbolic acid and CO2 from the cannabinoids present in the cannabis extract. This ensures the end product contains all of the benefits that the cannabinoid has to offer. The acidic cannabinoid must be converted to its neutral form. 

It is also imperative that in this process, CO2 is removed, or it will affect the ability to form a vacuum in the distillation apparatus properly. The decarboxylation method is achieved through the application of heat in a reactionary vessel. 

Step 5: Distillation

Now that steps 1-4 are complete, the distillation process is begun. Under vacuum, the extract is put into the feed tank and passes over a heated plate. The heated oil then enters another vessel where spinning wipers and a thin film are created around the jacketed vessel. Finally, a long condensing coil in the middle of the vessel recondenses the vapors back into liquid form. The receiving vessels will then collect the CBD from the terpenes, volatiles, and high boiling point cannabinoids.

Step 6: Crystallization

There is one last step in the process for manufacturers who want to reach crystallization. This process is started by putting the CBD oil into a large vat. The mixture is then heated while being constantly stirred. Next, the temperature is lowered. Next, the stirring is slowed. Then, as the crystallization stage begins, the stirring rapidly increases, causing the crystals to separate from the solution. The finishing touch is the crystals being rinsed with a chemical solvent to remove any unwanted impurities. 

Benefits of Using CBD Crystals 

There are many benefits to using CBD in a crystal form, and here are a few reasons why.

Zero THC

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the component of cannabis that gives us the sensation of being high. For people who cannot have any THC or just don’t want it, CBD crystals are the perfect alternative. CBD Crystals do not contain any THC so they are completely legal in any country where CBD is legal and THC is not.

Dosage Amounts 

With the removal of all other cannabinoids, it is easier to calculate CBD concentration in the products. However, the dosage is measured in milligrams. Although you can follow dosage instructions on the packet, it may take some experimenting to find the dose that works best for you. Dosage entry point usually begins around 10mg. 


You can pretty much take  CBD Crystals any way that you like. Crystals can be crushed to form a powder which can be either placed under the tongue or mixed into any food or drink that you desire. The only thing to keep in mind is that some studies have shown heating crystals may decrease potency, so best to mix with cold beverages or food.

CBD Crystals for Medicinal Purpose 


Many studies have shown that CBD may improve sleep and anxiety in individuals suffering from anxiety disorders. According to InsideTracker “A review of 11 trials found that CBD reduced anxiety when taken one hour before an anxiety-inducing event, and a compilation of case reports found that nearly 80% of patients given CBD for anxiety saw reductions in one month.”


Some people have found CBD to be a great alternative to addictive pain medication. While studies have shown that CBD hasn’t been as effective for short-term acute pain, it has shown excellent results in long-term chronic pain.


There is limited scientific evidence behind the effectiveness of CBD crystals in sleep; it has been said that some people do seem to benefit from CBD to assist with sleep. However, this appears to depend on the dosage. Smaller dosages can work as a stimulant, while higher doses appear to aid in sleep.


Studies have shown antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity in animal and cellular studies. More human trials are to occur; however, we expect to see positive results in this area.


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