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From seeds to flowers: Enectaliana

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Certifying hemp seeds is the best way to answer several transparency issues in our industry. We've talked about that here and on our LinkedIn page.

However, we didn't cover one essential feature:

How is it possible to transfer the high quality of certified hemp seeds to its derived products?

Namely, how do you get high-quality hemp flowers from certified seeds?

Enectaliana, a high CBD flower strain case study

It's impossible to answer the above question without getting our feet wet with an actual scenario.

Enectaliana is Enecta Farm's flagship strain, and we put a lot of research into its creation, especially from a genetic standpoint. 

We're talking about a one-of-a-kind hemp strain. Let's see why.

A foreword on the phytocannabinoids' boom

The vast majority of hemp strains on the market right now are outdated. It's a bold claim. We know it.

Yet, it's true. Consider this: the CBD industry has been booming for more than ten years. However, compared to the industrial hemp industry, it is still in its infancy.

What does this mean?

Pretty simple. When CBD wasn't even on the radar, hemp strains were bred to produce fiber.

Then, when CBD and the other phytocannabinoids became all the rage, growers started to sell extracts, flowers, tablets, and other CBD-based products. 

Don't get us wrong, we are into the business as well. Yet, the novelty of the CBD industry meant that there weren't any ready-made strains. Growers had to use old varieties made for the hemp fiber market.

The lack of specific strains made for the phytocannabinoids industry prompted growers to use old ones.

Of course, that was the starting point. Many have enhanced these strains and tailored them to the CBD market. Yet, this is when Enectaliana shows its uniqueness. It will be the first high CBD strain listed on the EU Common Catalogue.

After years of research, we designed a hemp strain that zeroes in on CBD productivity.

Here are Enectaliana's unique features:

  • Varietal Purity. This one is straightforward, purity refers to the degree of seed contamination caused by undesired genetic varieties. Enectaliana has a very high purity score because it needs to comply with the EU requirements for certification.
  • Genetical stability, allows growers to predict the phenotypical features of a hemp strain. This means that once you plant a genetically stable hemp seed, you are sure that you will get the characteristics that you want.
  • THC Level. Nothing fancy here. In 2023 the THC level in the EU for hemp plants will be raised to 0.3%. Your adult plants must stick to that level. The only way to do that is by carefully designing your strain, complying with well-defined quality standards. That's what we did with Enectaliana.

What is a hemp flower? 

Now that we have unfolded our case study, let's focus on hemp flowers.

Many people don't realize that flowers are at the core of the CBD industry.

Topical creams, extracts, vapes, and many other CBD-based products. These are all sourced from flowers.

Remember when we said that most of the hemp strains registered in the EU Common Catalogue were designed for the fiber market?

This means that the main aim for such strains is to deliver high-quality stalks, that will make great fiber.

On the other hand, you won't get the same quality for your flowers with these genetics.

For that, you need the strongest CBD flower strains out there, like Enectaliana.

Harvesting hemp flowers, is it worth it?

Harvesting flowers is a very delicate enterprise. Compared to standard hemp harvesting, where you can use machinery, hemp flowers need careful handling and dedication to avoid damaging the trichomes. Then, they need to be dried and cured. This is a time-consuming and expensive process, and many things can take the wrong turn.

Yet, it is definitely worth it, as flowers are the building blocks of the CBD industry.

What if the quality of your flowers is not as expected though?

Maybe you bought hemp seeds that promised to deliver astounding results and, after all your efforts, it didn't happen.

How is that possible?

That is pretty simple. A lot of hemp seeds are sold with no traceability behind them.

There is no way to track back their origin, the methods used to breed them, or any other information.

The only way to get high-quality flowers is by growing high-quality, certified, and standardized seeds. Quality is passed by. That is the secret sauce behind the best CBD flower strains.

From hemp seed to high CBD flower strain

Standardization may sound like a bland word. There's nothing fancy about being "standard".

Yet, meaning always depends on the context. When it comes to the hemp industry, standardization is what really sets a valuable supply chain apart from the others.

If each step in the making of, say, CBD extracts, is carefully designed, monitored, and enhanced via steady adjustments, then you are almost guaranteed to get a valuable end product.

First is preparing your soil and sowing. Then there is germination, followed by harvesting and finally curing.

All these operations need to follow a strict method. That is the safest way to go from zero to a quality CBD product.

This is what we did with Enectaliana.

It's the secret sauce behind the best high CBD flower strains: standardization.

At the same time, we take all the necessary steps towards the certification of Enectaliana. 

That is the most important step of the whole process, certification bestows a quality mark on your work. It's the proof of your value chain and what grants growers that they will actually get top-notch flowers from your hemp seeds.

Want to know more about how we did it? 

Or maybe you're a grower and would like to give Enectaliana a try?

Check out Enecta Farm's website and drop us an e-mail.

Talk soon,

the Enecta Farm Team

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