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How to Fight Anxiety With CBD

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One in every thirteen people across the globe suffers from some form of anxiety disorder. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this makes anxiety the most common type of mental health issue worldwide.

Therefore, finding a safe and efficient method for managing symptoms is a huge concern.

Fast-acting medications such as Valium and Xanax can offer quick relief from feelings of anxiety. However, these are potent pharmaceutical drugs and can become addictive after only a short period.

Long-term pharmaceutical solutions to anxiety and depression, such as Prozac, can help alleviate symptoms over time, but they're not suitable for everyone.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has recently gained popularity as a naturally sourced treatment for anxiety and its associated symptoms.

CBD: A powerful anxiety treatment?

In recent years, clinical research concerning CBD as a viable and effective treatment for anxiety disorders has increased. Results from a range of animal and human double-blind trials have accumulated sufficient evidence to prove the cannabinoids' therapeutic value.

Although the majority of CBD studies use animal models and are preclinical, there has been a surge in studies that use human participants in the last twelve months. 

For instance, earlier this year, a double-blind study in Japan worked with 37 teenagers that had been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder (SAD). Each participant was administered 300mg of CBD oil or a placebo daily, over four weeks. During the trial, the teens undertook regular surveys to measure their SAD symptoms. 

High quality CBD successfully managed to reduce common symptoms aligned with SAD. So much so, that the relief was comparable to the pharmaceutical drug 'Paroxetine,' a medication that is commonly prescribed to treat the condition.

Later in 2019, a retrospective case study treated 47 outpatients at a mental health clinic based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Over twelve weeks, most of these patients were given a 25mg of CBD per day in addition to their ongoing treatment.

After the initial assessment, 79.2% of the participants reported that their anxiety had improved. At the two-month mark, 78.1% of patients had seen a further improvement in their mental health compared to the first month.


anxiety is on of the most common type of mental health issue worldwide

How Can CBD be Consumed for Treating Anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety and are considering using CBD to help manage or alleviate your symptoms, it's essential to educate yourself first.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different ingestion methods will help you to determine the best way to take your proffered CBD product.


CBD oils

CBD oils offer a fast, accurate, and easy way to consume CBD.

Enecta CBD products contain 100% organic premium CBD extracts infused with hemp seed oil.

Oils are administered sublingually using a dropper, or they can be added to food or drink, making them easy to measure and dispense.

When you take CBD oil sublingually, the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream quickly, with noticeable results felt within ten minutes. The beneficial effects of CBD oils can last up to four hours.


CBD Vape eliquids or crystals

CBD can be vaped via a special vaporizer pen that changes the oil into vapor. Once inhaled, the CBD enters the bloodstream almost immediately via the lungs, with the beneficial effects felt much quicker than other administration methods.

That said, be sure to purchase your CBD vape oil from a regulated and trusted provider such as Enecta. There have been numerous cases of lung disease associated with unregulated vape liquids across the globe in the last year, including several deaths.

All of our premium CBD vape oils are 100% organic, laboratory tested, and safe to use without causing harmful side effects.

 cbd can be vaporized as crystals or cbd eliquid  

CBD Dosage for Anxiety

By reading any of the studies mentioned in this piece, you'll notice a wide range of doses were administered with significant discrepancies regarding dosage levels. 

Many clinicians and scientists admit, there is no ideal recommended dosage for CBD. At the time of writing this piece, there have been no large-scale clinical trials to inform official dosage guidelines.

Additionally, various organizations, such as the FDA and the WHO, are still learning about CBD. Once there is concrete proof of the cannabinoid's cumulative effects on the body, official dosage recommendations will likely be published.

This is no indication that CBD is unsafe. On the contrary, there is research that suggests that this is a safe, well-tolerated anxiety treatment.

All of our products indicate the potency and amount of CBD so that you can dose accordingly. 

Some people will metabolize CBD faster than others.

This is often attributed to your genetic makeup or lifestyle. If you're aware that you metabolize medication quickly, you may benefit from taking a higher dosage of CBD.


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