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How to make CBD tincture with hemp oil?

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Thousands of people use CBD oil daily to enhance their overall health and wellness. How their tinctures are made can determine the quality of their products. CBD oil tinctures are a great way to maintain a daily dosage of CBD. The increase in popularity in CBD has led to an influx of poor quality products on the market. To unlock the full potential that CBD has to offer, we recommend using the highest quality products as opposed to the cheapest. Gaining an understanding of how to make premium CBD oil tinctures will help you to decide which tinctures are best for you.

Making A Good CBD Oil

Great quality CBD oil begins as high-quality industrial hemp. The flowers, leaves, and stalk are harvested for their potent CBD content. The plant material is then sent to a processing facility for extraction.

A solvent is then used to remove the CBD and other cannabinoids from the plant. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction is how all of the best CBD oil tinctures are made. During this process, liquid CO2 is forced through the ground-up plant material then removed. This leaves behind a pure and rich CBD oil.

Next, the CBD oil is analyzed for its CBD content to verify that its THC content is within the federal guidelines of 0.3% THC or less.


Making Your Own CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

Would you like to try making your own CBD tincture? There are two ways you can do this. Either you can make a tincture with alcohol as a carrier, or you can extract the oil using ethanol to obtain a practically alcohol-free oil.

How to Make a CBD Tincture

Tincture recipes are very different, let's see how it works for a cannabis tincture: you will need some dried herbal hemp.

This can be pretty hard to get hold of, but let's assume you can purchase some. To avoid any form of contamination, ensure that it has been organically grown and dried in a way that mold has not grown on the material.

Now you need a high-proof alcohol base for your tincture. Many choose vodka, but some have even made extracts with apple cider vinegar. It's less effective, but it doesn't contain any alcohol.

You will also need:

  • A mason jar with a sealable lid
  • Dark-colored bottles (preferably with a dropper)
  • A strainer
  • Some cheesecloth or muslin
  • A glass jug with a spout
  • A funnel

If you are using dry material, grind enough to half-fill the bottle. If you are using fresh material, pack the bottle loosely until two thirds full.

Now completely cover the plant material with alcohol. Seal the lids and place your bottles in a cool, dark cupboard.

During the first week, keep shaking the jar daily to help the alcohol extract plant chemicals. Then leave the bottles for a further five weeks before straining, first with the strainer, and then through the cloth.

Decant your tincture into the dropper bottles.

Your tincture is now ready to use.

For a more concentrated, alcohol-free oil

A lot of the info on how to make CBD hemp oil tincture focuses on oil extraction and recommends the use of butane or other harsh solvents. Avoid these methods. They are dangerously flammable – even explosive – and you could end up with toxic residues, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. Ethanol is also flammable, although it is safer. Exercise caution if you choose this method.

  • Cannabis plant material (organic)
  • Choose a high CBD strain
  • Place plant material in a ceramic or glass bowl
  • Cover with Ethanol
  • Stir for three minutes using a spoon
  • First, sieve the plant material out
  • Now run the mixture through a coffee filter to remove the last plant material (you may have to do this several times)
  • To limit the risk of fire, use a water distiller to separate the ethanol from the cannabis oil.
  • Distill until 80% of the ethanol has been extracted.
  • To remove the last of the alcohol, use the coffee machine's heating plate and a heat-proof glass bowl. Leave on the heat overnight.
  • Test the resulting oil by dipping a paperclip into the oil and applying an open flame. If it does not form sparks, the alcohol has been completely removed.


How to Make CBD Hemp Oil Tincture: Which Method is Best?

Clearly, by making oil out of the tincture, a much cleaner, the more concentrated extract is produced. You will need quite a lot of material to produce only a small amount of CBD oil, but if you can get your hands on enough, this method will give you a great product.

There are other methods to extract cannabinoids, and this is not a complete guide. You should also be aware that without accurate testing, you can't know exactly how much of which cannabinoids are contained in your extract.

For uniform extracts with proven cannabinoid content, choose a reputable commercial supplier, such as Enecta, that uses advanced laboratory methods for extraction and testing.

Keeping it Safe

When making CBD oil tinctures, everything must be processed in a sanitary, clean environment. As an example, our Italy-based processing facility uses a medical-grade clean-room environment to avoid contamination. All of our products are tested by third-party professionals to ensure quality, purity, and excellence.


Give Your Body the Best

Do you know exactly what you're putting in your body? At Enecta, we're proud to offer formulas backed by science and lab-verified for safety and potency.


Contact our customer support team for additional information about any of our premium CBD products.


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