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Regulating Blood Pressure Naturally with CBD Oil

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Hypertension or high blood pressure is a severe medical condition that can increase the risk of brain, kidney, and heart disease. In recent years, studies have shown that High quality CBD can effectively treat hypertension.

There is a growing pool of scientific evidence that suggests CBD can restore regular heart rhythm and decrease the chances of a heart attack occurring.

It’s estimated that over 1.13 billion people across the globe have high blood pressure, with over 60% of these people living in low to middle-income countries.

Less than 20% of people that live with hypertension can get the condition under control, and this makes it one of the leading causes of premature death worldwide.

According to the World Health Organization, one of the critical targets for uncommunicable conditions is to reduce the amount of hypertension by 25% on a global scale by 2025. CBD oil may be one of the leading solutions to reaching this goal.

Today, hypertension if often stress-induced. Mental stress in workplace environments is a potential cause of high blood pressure. Also, traumatizing events from the past can expose people to hypertension when they recall the events in their thoughts.


What Exactly is Hypertension?

When a person has high blood pressure, they experience tension in their veins and arteries. Arteries are the blood vessels responsible for carrying blood throughout the body. Normal levels of blood pressure are below 120/80.

Whereas anything above 140/90 is considered as hypertension. The bottom number represents the diastolic pressure, whereas the top number represents systolic blood pressure.

Any number above the standard for either of these exposes can increase the risk of stroke, eye damage, and atherosclerosis (the hardening of the arteries). These conditions are medically referred to as ‘end-organ damage’ as they are the result of long-term exposure to hypertension. For this reason, if high blood pressure is diagnosed frequently, clinicians will often prescribe medication to normalize the condition as soon as possible.


What Causes Hypertension?

There are Two Types of Hypertension:

Essential Hypertension

This is the most commonly diagnosed form of high blood pressure, and it affects 90-95% of all hypertensive patients. This form of hypertension has no definite cause, but can be linked to lifestyle factors such as obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, and stress. 

obesity could be a cause of high blood pressure

Genetics also play their part. Therefore, somebody who comes from a family with a history of hypertension is more likely to inherit the condition. It’s also commonly found in people with high levels of renin or low birth weights.

Secondary Hypertension

An underlying and unidentifiable problem leads to this type of blood pressure, although its treatment is very different from essential hypertension. Many conditions can lead to secondary hypertension.


Pharmaceutical Medication for Hypertension

Until recently, before the introduction of CBD oil, only prescription medicines were available as a treatment option for people suffering from hypertension.

Antihypertensive medication can help patients to get their blood pressure under control. A reduction of blood pressure by just five mmHg decreases the risk of a heart attack by 21% and strokes by 34%; this also decreases levels of dementia, cardiac arrests, and mortality.

Drugs like beta-blockers and angiotensin II receptor antagonists are commonly prescribed to treat hypertension. However, these drugs can have many unpleasant side effects, including renal failure in some patients.


Taking CBD Oil to Lower Blood Pressure

Evidence from recent studies suggests that CBD oil could be beneficial in treating some common cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure. These studies show that CBD works as a vasodilator, which means that it helps to promote the healthy flow of blood through the vessels, normalizing blood pressure.

CBD also provides potential neuroprotective effects that can protect the heart against cardiovascular conditions and strokes. These studies also suggest that CBD can help to create normal heart rhythms after a heart attack.

Research has revealed that the cannabinoid system in the human body produces endocannabinoids that work to regulate the blood pressure. CBD has analgesic and anxiolytic effects, which help to reduce resting blood pressure and stress-induced hypertension.

One test conducted on adult men found that CBD could reduce systolic pressure by five mmHg both before and after stress.

By implementing sound health principles, you can prevent some of the problems that cause high blood pressure. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help to maintain a healthy body.

CBD has been known to help reduce blood pressure in two other ways.


excercise and sport is a good way to help reduce blood pressure i


Reducing any inflammation in the body is a common way to prevent high blood pressure. Over time, lifestyle choices can cause artery walls to well, tightening the passages that blood must flow through.

Drug abuse and alcoholism are known to increase this inflammation. CBD can vasolidate these passages by relaxing and widening the arteries. That said, a patient must make significant lifestyle changes to truly benefit from reduced blood pressure in the long term.


Cardiac Contractability

Excessive amounts of work can lead to this other form of hypertension, which is characterized when the heart pumps blood too fast. Neurotransmitters such as anandamide are vital for the healthy functioning of the heart. CBD oil manages to control the reuptake of crucial heart neurotransmitters and regain control over the cardiovascular system.


All studies are in agreement that CBD can reduce hypertension levels. In fact, CBD oil is a more natural remedy for treating cardiovascular problems than many prescription medicines. 


To Conclude

Hypertension will affect one in every three adults. This condition lacks a direct cause and can be triggered by several factors that accumulate throughout our lives. Unhealthy lifestyles are the leading cause of high blood pressure. This includes drinking copious amounts of alcohol, drug-taking, smoking, and poor diet choices.


Exercise and other strenuous tasks can help to unblock blood vessels, but CBD can also increase your chances of lowering blood pressure and living a longer, healthier life.


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