cannabinol: what is and whic benefits offers

What Is CBN (Cannabinol) and what Benefits Does This Cannabinoid Offer?

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If you use marijuana, then you’re probably familiar with it’s two most widely used cannabinoids, CBD and THC. However, marijuana and hemp plants produce over 100 other cannabinoids. These include CBN and many more.

These compounds, which are unique to the cannabis species, differ from one another in terms of their medicinal benefits and effects.

Therefore, if you are curious about CBN, it helps to know some information about its potential benefits first.

What Are Some of the Potential Benefits of CBN (Cannabinol)?

CBN is a non-psychoactive compound that is created as THC ages. For this reason, it’s ordinarily prevalent in large quantities in older cannabis plants. People often seek older cannabis plants so that they can enjoy the effects that CBN offers.

Below are some of the potential benefits that are currently being explored in scientific research. Bear in mind, the current research on CBN is quite limited, with few studies demonstrating the effects that CBN has on the human body.

cannabinol is a strong antibacterical


CBN studies have discovered that it could work as a potent antibacterial agent.
In a laboratory setting, CBN has been tested on strains of the bacteria MRSA that are anti-biotic resistant. CBN may be used to treat bacterial infections that antibiotics cannot cure in the near future.


CBN could also be used as a powerful neuroprotectant. In a rodent study, scientists used CBN to treat ALS and discovered that it could delay the onset of the condition. Although human studies are yet to be completed, this research suggests that CBN could work as a powerful component in the fight against ALS and several other severe neurological conditions.

cannabinol is neuroprotectant

Appetite Stimulation

Again, in rodent studies, CBN was able to increase the amount of food consumed by rats. This suggests that the compound could be used as an appetite stimulant. Many people avoid THC (which is well known to increase people’s appetite) because of its psychoactive effects. CBN could work as an alternative for those that want to improve their appetite. That said, more research will be needed to confirm this hypothesis.



CBN might also help glaucoma sufferers. A study on rabbits discovered that CBN reduces intraocular pressure - which is the most significant risk factor for glaucoma.

That said, research is in the primary stages, and CBN hasn’t shown itself to be superior to any other glaucoma medications as of yet.

There will be more research undertaken in the coming years to see if cannabinoids can ever be used in the replacement of traditional glaucoma treatments on the medical market.


Similar to CBD, CBN can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent which can help people with rheumatoid arthritis.

In a rodent study, CBN helped to reduce arthritis. While additional research is necessary, this could be a wonderful supplement for thousands of human sufferers of this debilitating condition.

What Role Does CBN Play in our Organism

Cannabinol (CBN) binds to the CB2 receptors (and partially to the CB1 receptors) of our endocannabinoid system. According to the - few – scientific studies which are investigating its properties, CBN, has a strong sedative action, but without resulting in the narcotic effects of THC.

This marked characteristic is increasingly gaining interest in the medical research sector.

The very first studies are supplying exciting conclusions that could open a new research front for the exploration of the role of this specific cannabinoid as well.

A study published in August 2019 by researchers of the University of British Columbia, in Canada, has suggested that the peripheral application of CBN could supply significant relief to chronic muscle disorders like, for example, temporomandibular disorders (associated to the area which includes the jawbone and the base of the skull), without generating side effects.

Other studies suggest the potential effectiveness of CBN to improve sleep or to give relief in the case of psoriasis and inflammations or skin burns.

Furthermore, the first evidence emerged of the contribution cannabinol (CBN) would be able to give in the development of bone tissue, particularly crucial after specific traumas. Without a doubt, were the results obtained in the field of dermatology, which generated the initial interest in Cannabinol.

Although CBN isn’t abundant in cured or fresh cannabis, it can be derived from older cannabis plants. This is particularly true for plants that have not been exposed to a lot of oxygen. CBN is created from THC when the compound becomes oxidized.

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