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When Is It Good To Take CBD Crystals?

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By now, the chances of you hearing anything related to the benefits of CBD are pretty high - CBD is getting everyone’s attention. More and more companies hop on that train and put CBD in their water, drinks, and lotions. Yes, it’s not only CBD oil nowadays - although the oil is arguably the most potent.

I say ‘arguably’ because there is just one other type of CBD that packs a bigger punch. Consider CBD crystals - the purest form of CBD that exists nowadays. Let’s talk about them.

What Are CBD Crystals? 

CBD crystals are the purest form of the CBD compound. Unlike other forms of CBD that may include a low concentration of cannabinoids or terpenes, CBD crystal contains only 100% pure CBD.

The process of crystallizing the CBD is pretty simple.

First, the CBD is extracted from the hemp by using different extraction methods, like CO2 extraction, steam distillation, and solvent extraction - CO2 extraction being the most popular method. After the first extraction, the result still has traits of concentrated CBD. To get a purified form of CBD, the manufacturer needs to do an additional purifying process. After the second purification, comes the process of ‘winterization’, further removal of any unnecessary compounds that may affect the quality of the CBD. Finally, the outcome after all the procedure should be 99% pure powdered CBD crystals, similar in form to sugar.

Once the CBD comes in a crystallized form, it can be modified in multiple ways and most of the commercially available CBD products are made from crystal CBD.

The most popular forms of CBD are CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD.

Differences Between CBD Isolate And Full-Spectrum CBD 

To understand the differences between the CBD isolate and the full-spectrum CBD think like this: the CBD full-spectrum is usually the CBD oil, and the CBD isolate is the crystallized CBD that’s pure CBD.

You might think there can’t possibly be any significant difference, as the end product is just that  - consumption of CBD, but there’s one key distinction between them - the compounds of the end product.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain other cannabinoids besides CBD and many people consider THC as one of these cannabinoids. Also, full-spectrum CBD contains terpenes and flavonoids, which can significantly influence the overall effect of CBD.

CBD crystal, on the other hand, is free of anything that’s not pure CBD. People usually prefer CBD isolate because it guarantees them the lack of psychoactive compounds that may cause unwanted side-effects such as the ‘high’ feeling. 

There are different ways that you can use CBD crystal, let’s elaborate on some of them. 

Consumption Of CBD Crystals

Here are some of the most common ways you can consume crystal CBD:


If you know how to consume CBD oil sublingually, you’ll have no problem with this method as well. All you have to do is put the crystals under your tongue, wait 60 seconds and the crystal will naturally dissolve in your mouth. It goes directly to your bloodstream and straight to your liver, so its effects are felt almost instantaneously. 

Homemade CBD Oil 

If you have crystal CBD, you have the liberty to consume it in your preferable way and one way is by making a homemade CBD oil. This way, you’ll know the exact ingredients of your oil and you’ll be able to control the CBD dosage as well. Additionally, you can make other CBD products as well - not just the oil. 


CBD crystal can be consumed in many ways, but vaping is considered to be the best one. There are numerous CBD e-liquids on the market and many of them already have CBD in them.

However, that CBD might be diluted during mixing with the PG/VG base. That’s why it’s always better to make the vape juices at home - all you need is a PG/VG base and CBD crystals. Put your PG or VG base in the container, followed by the desired amount of CBD crystal. Shake the lid of the bottle until everything is mixed and you can start vaping. 

Always remember to be careful with vaping, and always read the instructions carefully about the design and the bases. 


CBD and fat are an excellent combination and they go very well together. You can add CBD crystals with your cookie mix or in any other food combination that has milk, butter, or other fats. 

When To Include CBD Crystals In Your Routine? 

CBD crystal is the purest form of CBD, so it might not be the best option for any beginner. Usually, crystals are not recommended for high-sensitive people because even without the THC, the users may experience some negative side effects.

CBD crystals are the best options for people with a higher tolerance for CBD products. If you’re experiencing symptoms of pain or anxiety, stress higher than usual and you don’t want to try other cannabis products, CBD crystal might be what you’re looking for. You’re still free from the ‘high’ effect, but the therapeutic effect of the CBD will be more intense, due to the purified CBD.

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