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Why CBD is the Perfect X-Mas Present

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Here comes the most magical time of the year! A time when old tradition comes to life, all of us come together, and we share the gifts of love!

Some people are excited about what they may find in their stockings, and some simply want to make others happy by stuffing their stockings with the best gift possible. 

Well, for most people there is no better present than caring for your closest people's overall health and body. However, finding the right choice may present a struggle for some people, and that is why we are here - make this process simpler. 

So, our suggestion for passing through this struggle is CBD - an ingredient that slowly became the most useful natural remedy for many health problems.

Let's see how CBD can work marvels on people's health if taken properly.

1. CBD Reduces Anxiety

Social isolation has become a comfort zone for many people nowadays. Not having the need to go to family gatherings made us more distant than ever. However, Christmas is a season when the family gets closer, and we all need to talk to each other. Thus arises the problem with social anxiety and trying to overcome it after a long period of detachment.

But, how do we overcome this long period of COVID-19 solitude and try connecting with our closest again?

According to the studies below CBD may have many benefits on our mental health, and giving this as a present may allow you to share that spirit of love and show your family how much you care about them. 

Here are three studies that show these CBD benefits.

  • A 2019 study has clearly shown that  CBD substantially reduces anxiety stemming from public speaking.
  • The Permanente Journal published a study that showed promising results on CBD's reduction in anxiety.  According to this paper, almost 75 % of the participants experienced amelioration.
  • In a more recent study, 400 participants reported improved quality of life within a period of one month after taking CBD. Varying from performing day to day businesses better to feeling more satisfied overall.

Allow yourself and your family's Christmas time to be filled with happiness and don't let anxiety take over your holidays and especially your life. Some of these CBD products will enable just that.

2. CBD is Healthy

Almost all the resolutions people make for the upcoming holidays concern the improvement of their overall health states. These states always go hand in hand, as the World Health Organization states that mental and social well-being depends on physical health, and vice versa. 

So, how to help your loved ones start 2021 properly?

According to a 2018 study done on humans, CBD may make body aches less severe. What is more, there are none side effects connected to this ingredient making it more efficient than medications that cause nausea, vomiting, and other sicknesses. 

Since CBD is not the ingredient that makes you high, there is no need for this substance to be abused for the holidays, and according to World Health Organization, this substance is non-toxic which makes it the safest X-mas present.

3. New Year - New Skin!

One of the many resolutions that people make when planning the upcoming year is - better skincare. So, if you have such a person in your family or close friends - CBD might be the perfect gift for them.

And here’s why:

CBD is proven to effectively minimize acne breakouts by reducing the sebum production in the sebaceous glands.

CBD was discovered to be capable of destroying different bacterial strains. This might be the case on why it reduces skin infections that are caused by dirt and germs.

4. CBD - Universally Appreciated!

In a time when people have different demands, choosing a present for every single person in your life might scare you. However, as you’ve now been educated on the benefits that CBD can have on your health, choosing this year's presents might not be that difficult for you!

To make that choice even easier, Enecta made various products that contain these beneficial ingredients, starting from lip balms and face cleansers, to body lotions and CBD oils and capsules.

Also, one of the necessary gifts that will mark 2020 is their hand sanitizer.

Educate your family when giving the gift - tell them about the facts you learned by reading this article, and most importantly if CBD oil is what you want to buy, tell them about the dosage - they should always start small!

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