Our CBD in capsules is the perfect solution for those who are looking for ease of use and for the complete reduction of possible product wastage

Enecta Reviews: the use of CBD in case of dermatitis and rosacea

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For a company like Enecta, operating on a new and emerging market like the one of cannabinoids and cannabis extracts, the company’s reputation and the possibility to support with testimonies and external sources the quality, the reliability and the effectiveness of its products, is extremely important.  

And it’s exactly for this reason that we decided to adhere to TrustPilot, an online review platform which guarantees the impartiality and the free access to the reviews by customers of whom it has been verified if they actually bought and tried the product.

An excellent opportunity for us to obtain more detailed feedback from our consumers regarding our service and our single products, but at the same time a precious source of information for all those who are approaching the world of CBD, or are thinking of doing so, giving access to “first-hand” experiences and testimonies coming directly from those who use the products.

"quality and efficiency – quick delivery, safe packaging, but most of all an effective product and great quality"

Reading the various reviews, we decided to interview one of our consumers directly in order to discover more on the use of our 10% Cbd oil  and our Cbd in capsules of the Premium Hemp Extract line.

- How did you hear about CBD and why did you decide to use it?

I heard about it almost by chance, thanks to a colleague. His wife is the owner of a shop proposing, as a reseller, some products of the Enecta brand. 
As I was suffering from Rosacea, he advised me to try the 10% CBD oil.  
I followed his advice and immediately grasped the opportunity, as the treatment with antibiotics wasn’t giving the hoped-for results.

- Did you talk about it with other people, and what did they say/recommend?

My colleague explained me the various features of CBD oil, advising me it to keep my skin condition under control. He himself uses it daily for the relaxing effects, which I do not need and I actually did not encounter changes in this sense.

- What effect had the idea of using a Cannabis product on you?

A positive effect. Hemp derivatives have always been unjustifiably associated to the concept of narcotics and with this excuse one has often missed the opportunity to use it for many purposes. 
Fortunately today it is not like that anymore. The opportunity to try a cannabis derivative directly did not worry me at all.

- What brought you to Enecta, and has there been a specific reason for which you chose it?

My colleague immediately advised the 10% oil, so we can say that he decided for me in the first place. Afterwards I could not find any good reason to try a different brand

- For which problem are you using it, if it’s no issue for you to address this theme more in detail.

As I mentioned earlier, I suffer from rosacea, a chronic inflammatory condition affecting the skin, generally of the face.

In order to avoid  any misunderstanding, I am not saying that CBD definitely healed  me, but it allowed me to keep it under control as should antibiotics have done, and therefore obtaining the same results with a natural product but without the undesired side effects of an antibiotic drug.

- Which dosage did you use and after how much time were you able to note the first effects?

I started using 4 drops of 10% CBD oil twice a day, and I noticed the first effects already after about ten days. 

I then tried the 24% oil but I noticed a worsening of the effects, probably because I didn’t need such a high dosage. 

I therefore returned to the 10% concentration to subsequently pass on to CBD in capsules, observing that the positive results remained the same.

- Which other medicines did you use? And if you used any, which of them did you stop using?

I used an antibiotic (Efracea) and various ointments (medical drugs as well).

Along with CBD, today I use another product I consider excellent, a CBD cream containing also Tea Tree Oil. 

The combination with the Enecta oil has been a really remarkable discovery.

“Outstanding product, I use it to keep an irritating rosacea under control and it helps very much. If it would cost 10 euros less, it would be even better, but it’s ok like this as well; I will never do without anymore. Never had any kind of negative side effect”

Our CBD in capsules is the perfect solution for those who are looking for ease of use and for the complete reduction of possible product wastage.
The cbd contained in the capsules is extracted from plants coming from our Italian Cannabis Sativa L. fields.

To be more specific, here below the advantages of our cbd in capsules:

- Each capsule contains 33.6 mg, it is very easy to know the exact quantity you are taking.

- The intake in capsules allows a more complete uptake of cbd by our organism with respect to the oil and the loose drops.

- Your capsules are always with you, you can easily carry them along, carrying the exact quantity of capsules with you, needed for your days away from home.  

- No wasting no “overdosing” you can calculate the exact costs and quantity before starting your therapy and keep the costs and period of intake controlled.

- No problem of dripping or dosing, essential for those with an unstable hand, or with failing eyesight or other difficulties in having to dose CBD oil from a dropper.

Would you like to try them? Purchase them directly, using the below box!  


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