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Cbd and migraine, testimonies of our customers

Geschrieben von Adriana Gianota am 13.05.2019

Cbd and migraine, testimonies of our customers

Every day, many people fight their personal battles against migraine, an extremely complex disorder, with a large number of different triggering factors, manifesting in many forms.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has captured the attention of those suffering from migraine, due to the ever more frequent testimonies, indicating it as an effective remedy to alleviate pain. Today, we are proposing you a direct testimony of one of our consumers, who found huge benefit in the use of Premium Hemp Extract 10% to alleviate and fight this problem.

How did you get into contact with CBD, and why did you decide to use it

Due to the continuous chronic migraines of my fiancée, I gathered information on the therapeutic use of CBD in the treatment of migraine.  

Desperate about the continuous use of medicines prescribed by a dedicated health centre (without much result) we decided to go to a store reselling legal cannabis in order to ask information about and possibly trying this option as well, being undoubtedly more natural with respect to the massive use of medical drugs.  

The reseller advised us to use the drops from Enecta which we purchased immediately.

Did you talk about it with other people, and what did they say/recommend?

Up to now we are the ones talking about the positive effects we are experiencing, to the point that we have recommended the product to various acquaintances suffering from problems of insomnia or migraine.   

We were the direct testimony of the benefits we are having with the use of this product (with zero adverse side effects, in spite of 8 months of daily use) to the extent that in our circle some individuals tried and are using this product (including my mother of 68 (with problems of insomnia) who was rather reluctant to approach the use of it, but then convinced herself to try the product, seeing how it changed our lives).

Which effect had the idea of using a Cannabis product for you?

We didn’t have any particular prejudices in trying this product, maybe because we gathered information beforehand or because we were exhausted by a situation of continuous migraines which caused my fiancée to be unable to sleep as well.

We tested the product towards the weekend in order to understand if it could have adverse effects or generate cognitive alterations. Assessed that there weren’t any effects/sensations/alterations, the use continued also after the weekend at a daily basis (intake before the nightly rest), and immense benefits were experience in the quality of sleep as well as in the ever decreasing frequency of the migraine attacks.  

How did you find Enecta, and was there a specific reason to make you choose us

We didn’t now the brand Enecta.

It was recommended to us in the store we went to, and considering the benefits we are experiencing (I underline that currently we are talking about 8 months of daily intake of the drops in the evening) we don’t feel the need to change the producer, as both the product and the customer service work perfectly.

Can you tell more about the use of CBD?

The current use of the product regards alleviating the pain of migraine attacks with the (positive) additional effect that besides the attacks having become less strong, also their frequency has diminished.

Another (positive) side effect is that the quality of sleep has improved and the hours of rest are now enough to face the day without specific senses of fatigue.

After some anxiety attacks caused by a loss, my fiancée tried to take some drops also during the day without having any kind of alterations and being able to drive her car without any problems and with the positive effect that the anxiety attack became much less marked.

Which was the “therapeutic” pathway you followed using CBD? (dosage, timeframe for obtaining the first effects etc.).

After the first weekend of trial in which 4 drops were taken in the morning and 4 in the evening, we tried a dosage of 6/8 drops in the evening before going to sleep, keeping them under the tongue without swallowing for about a minute.

The first beneficial effects on the quality of sleep appeared almost immediately (in about 3 or 4 days), while after a couple of weeks the beneficial effects showed up also with regard to migraine, to such a point that the product was shown at the diagnostic centre in which my fiancée is under treatment, and now she has also become a case study in hospital, due to the effect of CBD, as after 3 months of continuous nightly use, she passed from an average of 14 high-intensity attacks a month to 2-3 attacks of a lower intensity than before.

Which other medicines did she use? And if she did, which of them did she possibly stop using?

Before, there was a consistent use of anti-inflammatories, high-dose ibuprofen and specific migraine drugs.

Today the product is taken on a daily basis, however without being dependent on it (it happened more than once that she forgot to take it) or without having side effects or alterations.

During medium-intense attacks (meaning when needed) 4-6 drops are taken during the day and after thirty minutes, twenty drops of  Novalgina (the dosage before the intake of the Enecta product had reached 40 drops), obtaining almost immediate benefit.

In conclusion, after 8 months of daily use, we can say that the Enecta product literally changed our lives without any adverse side effects so far.

We therefore believe that for cases like migraine / insomnia / anxiety CBD is a recommended product, natural and devoid of side effects or associated dependence.