CBD for horses

CBD oil for horses consists of valuable ingredients: omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, and olive oil, which are beneficial to both humans and animals. Horse owners bear a high degree of responsibility because the well-being of these intelligent hoofed animals is a high priority.

CBD, a plant compound found in hemp, is a natural and complementary remedy that can support horses' reactions to typical complaints. CBD oil for horses strengthens both the cardiovascular and the immune system and might contribute to managing pain and anxiety. Accordingly, the use of CBD for horses is very beneficial and in no way dangerous to health. Valuable ingredients from nature are not only very good for humans, but also for animals.

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Premium Hemp Oil for Pets - 500 mg, 10 ml-Enecta.en

Premium Hemp Oil for Pets

Rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin E

Premium Hemp Oil for Pets

Premium Hemp Oil for Pets

Rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin E

Table of contents

What is CBD oil for horses?

CBD oil for horses is a natural product, the core element of which is cannabidiol (CBD), a plant compound extracted from cannabis sativa. It is often used to support the endocannabinoid system, which influences crucial processes in horses' bodies, such as the perception of fear and pain.

CBD oil for horses is often used as a natural alternative to conventional medicines. It can offer support for specific ailments as well as increase the general well-being of the horse. It is important to note that CBD oil for horses has no intoxicating effect and does not cause psychological or physical dependence.

Effect of CBD oil for horses

CBD oil for horses unfolds its effect by interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). Researchers only recently discovered that every mammal has an endogenous ECS. The ECS is a part of the nervous system and is responsible for utilizingbendogenous and herbal cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, CBN, or CBG. Cannabidiol's mechanism of action on animals has yet to be scientifically clarified in detail.

However, it is evient that CBD has a positive influence on many processes and thus increases general well-being. The interaction with receptors in the body can trigger relaxation and help fend off stress and anxiety.

Studies show further positive effects that horses can experience when taking CBD:

  • Healthier coat
  • Pain relief
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Boosted anti-inflammatory reaction

Use of CBD oil for horses

The cause of pain is a multifaceted matter. Often chronic diseases strongly influence lifestyle. In the case of arthritis, the inflamed joints swell and cause severe pain. In such cases, horse owners often have no choice but to alleviate the suffering of their hoofed friends with medication.

Many scientists believe that CBD is able to reduce pain transmission. This doesn't mean that one should stop administering the prescribed medicine. However, it is conceivable that CBD oil can provide additional support to reduce the medication's dose in the long run.

Horses often suffer from headshaking or Cushing's syndrome. In such cases, more and more horse owners use CBD drops as a supportive remedy. Compared to conventional medicines, CBD is a gentle product from nature with few side effects.

But can horses take the same CBD oil as humans?

In principle, yes, provided that the CBD hemp oil is made exclusively with natural ingredients. Due to their higher weight, however, hoofed animals require a much higher concentration. Experience shows that horses should take a CBD concentration of at least 20 %.

Benefits of CBD oil for horses

For most people, their own horse is more than just a farm animal. Horses can sometimes live until about 40 years of age. People and horses often develop an emotional partnership that lasts for several decades.

When their horse experiences discomfort, owners do everything to ensure a speedy recovery. Inner restlessness, stress, and a weak immune system make not only humans but also animals more susceptible to illness.

More and more horse owners are trying CBD oil to increase their beloved companion's overall well-being. CBD oil is a universal product, and you can use it regardless of your horse's breed.

How to administer CBD oil for horses

What is the best way to administer CBD oil to the horse? Horse owners who decide to use CBD oil to support their horse's well-being are initially faced with this challenge.

In principle, administering CBD to horses is very simple: drop the CBD oil directly into the horse's mouth. The horse easily absorbs the extract through the oral mucosa. However, not every horse gets along well with this kind of administration. Alternatively, you can administer CBD oil through the feed. Simply add it to their roughage.

Many horse owners also choose to drizzle CBD oil on a horse treat and administer the valuable ingredients during a leisurely ride. For horses, the treat is also a reward for good performance: a win-win situation.

CBD oil for horses dosage

As with humans, we at enecta cannot give universally valid dosage recommendations because there are insufficient study results. When it comes to dosage for horses, you can, therefore, follow the usual approach:

Ideally, always start with low dosages. Stay with the selected dosage for 2-3 days before increasing it.

Observe the horse and pay attention to the reactions.

Keep track of the drops administered and document the horse's health condition daily.

Gradually approach the optimal dosage. Many users opt for a daily dose of 0.1-0.5 mg CBD per kilogram of body weight. In the case of higher need and positive effects, you can administer this amount twice a day.

This information is only a guideline. In case of doubt, you should discuss the matter with your veterinarian.

Side effects of CBD oil for horses

Many horse owners wonder whether CBD oil can cause severe side effects and harm the horse. CBD is known to be neither toxic nor harmful. A potential danger for the horse comes from products of dubious quality. When buying CBD oil for horses, make sure that the product is made for animals. CBD products for animals usually have a specific composition. Together with hemp oil, they often contain olive oil as well.

In addition, CBD oil for horses must not contain THC or terpenes. CBD products with THC content are absolutely unsuitable for horses. THC has a psychoactive effect and triggers
well-known intoxication. Horses generally need much longer to metabolise this intoxication than humans. The consequence for the animal is a real horror trip that can last several hours.

In addition, you should refrain from administering CBD to pregnant mares because there are no conclusive research results regarding this topic. In principle, CBD oil is also considered to be almost free of side effects.

If unexpected side effects occur, they usually disappear after a few hours. If your horse is taking medication, you should discuss its compatibility with CBD oil with your veterinarian in advance.

What should I look for when buying CBD oil for horses?

When choosing an oil for your horse, you should pay particular attention to the fact that
it should be a product specifically designed for animals. CBD products for animals usually don't have the same composition as regular ones. Typically, hemp seed oil is used together with olive oil.

Furthermore, CBD oil for horses must not contain THC or terpenes under any circumstances. THC is a psychotropic compound that triggers the famous intoxication, which horses have a hard time metabolizing. The consequence is a horrendous trip that can last several hours.

What is CBD oil for horses made from?

In the production of our CBD oil for horses, we rely solely on the power of nature; nothing more is required.

Accordingly, it contains:

  1. Hemp seed oil (cold pressed): It is rich in vitamin E, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. Thus, it has an antioxidant effect and helps to strengthen the immune system.

  2. CBD: By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, this non-psychoactive plant compound can counteract anxiety, support a healthy cardiovascular system, and relieve acute and chronic pain. It is also said to have a beneficial effect on the skin and coat.

  3. Olive oil: In order for your horse to enjoy CBD oil, its taste has to be necessarily mild. For this reason, we use olive oil.

How to determine the quality of CBD oil for horses

When buying CBD oil for horses, make sure to choose a product that meets the following criteria:

  • It is specially formulated for animals.
  • It consists of natural ingredients. CBD oils with synthetic ingredients may be safe for humans. However, this does not necessarily apply to animals.
  • It has a mild taste.
  • It does not contain THC.
  • Quality and purity are certified by independent laboratories.

When you buy CBD oil for your horse from enecta, you don't need to worry about any of the above.

We extract it from our own hemp plants, which are grown without the use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides, or pesticides. This way, we can guarantee a natural, pure, and organic product that offers your horse only the best of the hemp plant.

How is CBD oil for horses made?

Below we have described the production process of CBD oil for horses in a nutshell:

Cultivation: We cultivate our plants outdoors and do not use chemical additives of any kind. The result: a 100% organic product.

Vegetative phase: This phase usually takes six to eight weeks, during which the plants develop their roots, leaves, and stems.

Blooming phase: The buds develop over a period of ten to twelve weeks, producing all their precious cannabinoids.

Harvest: We harvest our plants by hand. Before we can move over to the extraction, the buds and leaves have to be adequately dried.

Extraction: We gently extract the CBD from the dry plant material, refine it to the desired degree of purity, and dilute it with hemp seed oil.

Finally, we add a little olive oil to soften the strong taste of the CBD.

CBD oil for horses testimonials

People have been using CBD to support their riding companions for quite some time now, with many buying high-quality enecta products.

Horses are flight animals. This means that they are susceptible to certain stimuli and situations, a characteristic that might lead to severe anxiety. From time to time, such anxiety is not problematic.

However, prolonged and repeated panic states might harm the horse's health. Users report
that CBD oil has a calming effect on horses, especially when they have to travel in horseboxes.

In any mammal, inflammation is the first sign of imbalances in the body. When inflammation becomes chronic, it can severely affect the health of both horses and humans. Researchers suspect that CBD interacts with the CB1 receptors in the brain, positively influencing the body's anti-inflammatory response. This property is considered to be the most carefully investigated benefit of this natural active ingredient.

Most horse owners are extremely satisfied and report exclusively positive experiences. Many tell about healing processes that classical veterinary medication could not achieve. One reads, for example, that CBD helped relieve persistent restlessness and manage panic attacks.

By the way, CBD oil also has positive effects on dogs and cats. You can find out more about CBD oil for dogs here.

Legal status of CBD oil for horses

CBD oil for horses is legal in many countries as long as it does not contain THC and is not advertised as a medicine.

With enecta, you are on the safe side also from a legal point of view. Our CBD oil for animals contains no THC and is, therefore, safe and 100% legal.

Questions and answers about CBD oil for horses

CBD for horses has been used for a comparatively short time, and it is obvious that there are still many questions demanding an answer. In the following section, we have answered the most common ones.

Hemp oil is now available in almost all drugstores in many different countries. But also pharmacies sell this valuable natural extract. In addition to pharmacies and retail stores, you can buy CBD oil for horses online.

Online shops are particularly convenient: simply add the CBD product to the shopping cart, and enjoy our fast shipping.

Cannabidiol is thought to have a relaxing and calming effect due to its interaction with the ECS. There is much evidence to suggest that CBD oil can reduce anxiety in horses too.

A 2019 study looked at the effect of CBD on horses with anxiety and found that CBD oil significantly reduced symptoms. The horses were more relaxed, their heart rates and breathing calmer.

However, it is important to note that the effect of CBD oil varies from horse to horse.

If your horse has a pre-existing condition, you should have a detailed discussion with the veterinarian in charge beforehand. In humans, there are hardly any medications that are questionable in combination with CBD.

Nevertheless, there are no well-founded research results, neither for humans nor for animals, which allow an uncontrolled CBD administration in case of pre-existing diseases.

Veterinarians have better information here and can give you advice.

CBD is known to support the body's response to stress and inflammation. Accordingly, it can be assumed that it also helps horses manage stress, restlessness, and anxiety. In addition, many use CBD for chronic joint pain or inflammation.

The anti-inflammatory potential of CBD is scientifically proven. Because horses also have a body's own endocannabinoid system, we can expect that CBD can help them cope with inflammation and pain as well.

Because there is still insufficient data, no general statement can be made about the optimal CBD dosage for horses. In order to achieve the best possible effect, you should first and foremost consider your horse's body weight.

At enecta we recommend 1 mg CBD per kilogram of body weight. Accordingly, a 600 kg horse takes considerably more CBD than a 20 kg dog. Ideally, keep the dosage low at the beginning and see how the horse reacts to CBD.

If no effect occurs, the dose can be increased at any time.

This question has no exact answer, as CBD oil affects every horse differently. However, it is certain that CBD works best when it is taken regularly and over a prolonged period of time.

What we definitely advise against is starting with a very high dosage out of impatience or increasing it abruptly. Even if side effects only occur in sporadic cases, this is no reason to waste precious CBD oil.