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Enecta Bike Tour, conclusion of the second edition

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 09.07.2019

Enecta Bike Tour, conclusion of the second edition

The Enecta Bike Tour takes place in territories in which the larger part of the Cannabis cultivations, used for the extraction of CBD, are located”

On Sunday, June 30, the second edition of the Enecta Bike Tour came to an end. The two-day event promoted  by Enecta, included cycling, cannabis and information.

The event dedicated not only to lovers of the two wheels, has presented various novelties, with an ever growing bond with the territory and its resources.  

Enecta has been promoting, for some years now, the relationship between CBD and Sport with the objective to make the potential of this molecule known to the public and at the same time stimulate a lifestyle which is connected to the psychophysical well-being of the individual. 

The Enecta Bike Tour is held in the territories in which the larger part of the Cannabis cultivations utilized for the extraction of CBD, are located.

The tour: through the heart of Italy

Twenty-five were the cyclists who pedalled together for over 150 km in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise with a midway stage at Passo Godi, where the caravan spent the night before returning to Castelvecchio Subequo.

The cyclists had arrived from Bologna, Milan, Mantua, Rotterdam, Maribor and Vienna. Also present was an Indian cycling tourist, Pawan, who challenged the Abruzzo mountains in an atmosphere of great participation and sense of belonging of the participants which had as their objective overcoming any possible difficulties together.

Saturday morning, before departure of the caravan, there was a short walk of 4 km, which ended in Acciano, where Green Valley, in partnership with Enecta, created one of the largest Cannabis Sativa fields ever set up in Italy.

Upon arrival  at the field of the cyclists and of curious people, Doctor Grassi from CREA in Rovigo illustrated the characteristics and the properties of this plant, for which an ever growing interest by the public opinion can be observed. 

Before the start of the tour, a visit to Enecta and Green Valley hemp fields

Abruzzo Hemp Festival

On Sunday, upon their return in Castelvecchio Subequo, the ‘AgreenCulture - Abruzzo Hemp Festival’ was opened, with a conference addressing the theme "HEMP: RESOURCE OF A TERRITORY LOOKING AT THE FUTURE".

During the debate moderated by the journalist Angela Di Giorgio, Gianpaolo Grassi of CREA - CI in Rovigo and the president of the Confagricoltura Abruzzo ( (an organization representing local farmers), Fabrizio Lobene, also spoke on the topic.

Afterwards ‘Terre di Cannabis’, was projected, the film by Gianluca Marcon, presented in national preview at the 22nd edition of Cinemambiente Torino,  which tells the story of the Hemp project in the Subequana Valley.

“It is a very important event – the mayor of Castelvecchio Subequo, Pietro Salutari, stated during his talk –  As the municipal administration and with the possibilities of a small commune, we will always try and give our support in order to make this event grow bigger”.

Enthusiastic were the cyclists and the helpers, discovering the magnificent landscapes in the heart of Abruzzo, from Anversa degli Abruzzi to Scanno, passing Villetta Barrea, Pescasseroli, Opi, Bisegna, where nature and mountains are the undisputed masters.  

The next appointment is the third edition, in 2020, which has as its objective incrementing foreign presence and introducing them to the beauties of the heart of Abruzzo, by biking around there.

Abruzzo Hemp Festival, co organized by Enecta

Enecta, the benefits of CBD in Sports

The combination Enecta - Sport is not made up only by values and ideals: it is based on important and effective benefits, which make CBD perfectly integrated in the daily lives of those who do sporting activities.

Studies  and scientific research have proposed new evidence putting the cannabis plant and its derivatives in a different light, being capable of making body and soul relax before a workout, as well as favouring muscle recovery after the performance.

In the United States Cannabidiol is now regularly used by many sportspeople of a wide variety of disciplines. 

The benefits of cannabidiol are"mediated" by the endocannabinoid system, responsible for regulating numerous primary functions of our organism and for maintaining a general state of well-being in our body.