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How to Make CBD Tea

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 10.08.2019

How to Make CBD Tea

In this piece, we will not only explain how to make CBD tea but would also discuss the benefits and usages of CBD infused teas.

Hemp tea and hemp-infused tea have long been popular across the planet. Although this concoction can be made using dried hemp, tea leaves, and cannabis plant extracts, we will explain how to make a cup of tea that has all the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive side-effects of THC.


The Benefits of CBD Tea:

So, why is CBD tea so healthy for you? If you're already aware of the range of health benefits CBD can have on all kinds of ailments, then this is self-explanatory. Tea itself has some great benefits of which people can take advantage.

Firstly, tea is a fantastic source of antioxidants. This means that it can keep our cells healthy, and can make us look and feel younger for many years. It has also been suggested that CBD has antioxidant properties. Therefore, by combining both tea and CBD, you are doubling your antioxidant intake.

It has been suggested that certain types of tea can help boost weight loss. While this idea isn't 100% confirmed,  it is most likely that green tea kombucha our metabolism while acting as a laxative when consumed in large quantities. 

Teas can help us burn more calories due to their caffeine content.  There are a wide variety of different teas which have many different properties depending on their ingredients. Teas with lavender or chamomile can help us sleep better; rooibos teas can help to relieve headaches and nervous anxiety.

Although we are no tea professionals, we are CBD experts. Therefore, we know that the benefits of tea combined with the health-enhancing properties of CBD are a match made in heaven.


Choosing the Correct CBD Product and the Right Tea

When it comes to preparing any CBD edibles, it boils down to personal preference. However, you may want to combine ingredients that produce different benefits to your overall health. The perfect CBD tea will taste good and offer a range of health benefits.

It is possible to buy readymade CBD tea infusions online, with manufacturers often stating what their tea is good for in the product description. We suggest using your favorite tea, be it chamomile, green tea, licorice tea, or a fruity option. You can also brew hemp leaves to benefit from all the health enhancements associated with the endocannabinoids found in hemp.

Steeping hemp leaves in boiling water can produce an excellent tea that is fantastic for your body. Hemp plants are antioxidant-rich and come with their own source of CBD. This means that the tea will be 100% natural and organic. You can sweeten your drink to taste using natural sugar sources such as honey.

When choosing the right CBD product, it is best to choose an organic CBD oil.

Also, you should purchase a full-spectrum CBD oil that contains a range of cannabinoids and terpenes and can, therefore, create an entourage effect. 

Finally, we recommend choosing a CBD oil that is unflavoured and won't affect the taste of your tea unexpectedly or unpleasantly.


How to Make CBD Tea:

  • Boil the amount of water needed in a kettle.

  • Add tea to the cup and pour the boiling water over the top. If you use green tea, add a bit of cold water to make the resulting tea taste less bitter. Leave the tea to brew for two to three minutes,  then remove the bag or infuser from the hot water.

  • Add in a scoop of butter or a dash of milk. CBD oil is hydrophobic, meaning it can't possibly blend into the water. It can mix with other fatty substances, which is why dairy is an essential ingredient. Of course,  for vegans, substitutes can be used whenever necessary.

  • Drop-in some CBD oil and stir the liquid until the mixture is blended.

  • Wait for it to cool down, and then enjoy your CBD tea.

CBD tea is a great way to add some CBD into your diet.
Although this is not the most conventional form of cannabidiol consumption, it is perfect for those who have found that they dislike the taste of CBD oil. If you love enjoying a nice cup of tea, infusing your favorite tea with CBD oil is the perfect way to unwind and potentially improve many aspects health.