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Lip Balm: balm for the lips with CBD

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 26.04.2019

Lip Balm: balm for the lips with CBD

Our skin, and more in general, the parts of our body which are most exposed to the environment, have always received considerable attention. Anyone is willing to resort to a specific product to mitigate the (sometimes annoying) effects of cold, heat, sun and wind.

Often, however, our lips are forgotten, while they are exposed to the climatic agents as well and are equally in need of protection.

For example, it is very common to go out in the open during the first warm periods of spring and protect the skin with a light protective cream and ignore that also our lips are exposed to the sunlight for hours. The result, in many cases, is a particular dryness of the skin covering the lips, which can cause discomfort and itching.

Why use a lip balm with CBD?

This – guaranteeing protection and relief – is the reason why Enecta proposes Lip Balm, a balm for the lips with cannabidiol (CBD), fundamental both to cope with the winter cold and to protect the lips from the action of solar radiation. Its formulation, rich in emollient ingredients, soothes the lips and restores their natural elasticity.  

Lip Balm isn’t a simple balm for the lips, neither is it a common lip protection.

The product, in fact, does not contain parabens or artificial colourings and is free from heavy metals, due to the production process Enecta adopts, which is constantly monitored and considerate in each of its phases. Lip Balm can be used in each moment of the day, both alone and as a base for lipstick. The Enecta lip balm with cannabidiol isn’t greasy and has a neutral flavour, which make it ideal for just anybody. It can be used for prolonging hydration of the lips or to soothe an inflammatory state.

The action of CBD on the lips

It’s for quite some time now that scientific research has demonstrated the anti-inflammatory function of cannabidiol (CBD), to an extent that it is also used in the cosmetic field with ever increasing frequency. Recently, amongst others, cannabidiol is even used to soothe the symptoms and intervene in the injuries typical of individuals suffering from psoriasis or from other disorders of the skin. Enecta Lip Balm concentrates these qualities of cannabidiol on the lips.  

The properties of CBD and of the other ingredients, in fact, are capable of rebalancing the skin and restoring the protective layer of the epidermis, creating a defensive barrier against the winter cold and the summer heat. Lip balm gives us the possibility to have softer and fresher lips immediately after the first application.

The oil extracted from the hemp plant, besides cannabidiol (CBD), contains considerable quantities of linoleic acid and features a good quantity of amino-acids, vitamin A, E, B1, B2, PP, C and mineral salts, amongst which calcium and magnesium.

The wellbeing of our lips also involves prevention. Enecta Lip Balm gives us the possibility to protect and take care of a part of our body which, today, is still likely to be neglected.