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Medical dabbing: is it real, or just an excuse to get high?

Geschrieben von Statt Enecta am 17.10.2016

Medical dabbing: is it real, or just an excuse to get high?


We see them on YouTube videos with their paraphernalia packed out before them. They perform seemingly pointless feats like consuming ten dabs in one single breath, then high-five – and high times. Is there such a thing as medical dabbing, or is it all just a front for excess?

Medical dabbing is real

Despite the fact that dabbing does play a large role as a recreational cannabis trend, it could be a bona-fide way to get cannabinoids into the bloodstream quickly and efficiently. For those using cannabis for medical purposes, dabbing offers a simple way to monitor the effects of cannabinoids and obtain the right dose.

That’s because the effects are immediate – and you don’t even have to get high in the process – not if you choose CBD for medical dabbing. Of course, your choice will often be a personal one.

It can’t harm, but it could help

CBD doesn’t have the side effects that have caused THC to be demonized. Most importantly, it can’t make you high, cause you to feel paranoid, or make you suffer heart palpitations, side effects that have been widely reported among those trying THC.

There is much that we don’t know about cannabinoids or the human endocannabinoid system, but what we do know is that an imbalance in the cannabinoids our bodies produce (endocannabinoids) might cause our physical systems to get out of kilter. What scientists theorize and many people who use CBD believe, is that by using cannabinoids from plants, we can redress endocannabinoid imbalances, possibly allowing our bodies a better chance to heal themselves through homeostasis.

We also know that CBD has no record of being addictive, having severe side-effects or hurting us in any other way, so although we accept that CBD is not yet an approved medicine when it comes from natural sources rather than the pharmaceutical industry, we do know that it may help and can’t harm.

CBD dabbing

For dabbing, extracts are used rather than whole cannabis plant material. Dabbing ensures that a concentrated load of cannabinoids is taken and absorbed into the blood stream.

Enecta’s CBD is concentrated and free of any harmful residues. Our certified products are exactly what they say on the label – and nothing else. Get real with Enecta.