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What answers the question “What is the best brand of medical CBD oil”?

Geschrieben von Statt Enecta am 25.10.2016

What answers the question “What is the best brand of medical CBD oil”?


At Enecta, we’re very confident that we can answer the question: “What is the best brand of medical CBD oil?” but perhaps that’s a question you’d like to look into for yourself. Sure, we check all the boxes, but what do these “boxes” consist of? Here’s how to evaluate a CBD oil, and we can’t resist saying how we answer these questions. After all, we’re proud of our product! You, on the other hand, don’t even know our product, and you could be comparing it to several others. Here’s what you should be looking at.

From seed to plant

All the properties of a good CBD oil are determined by the genetics of the plants it is extracted from. Some genetic variants produce more CBD than others do. We’ve carefully chosen the strains we use for their high level of CBD.

From plant to harvest

Just having a genetically suitable strain isn’t enough. The plants respond to their environment, and they’re affected by anything we introduce into it.

At Enecta, we ensure that our farmers are passionate about organic cultivation. They don’t use pesticides or fertilizers, and the plants are grown in healthy, uncontaminated soil. We even have certification to prove it.

From harvest to extraction

As the saying goes, “There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip.” Post-harvest practices are as important as growing plants in the right way. If the plant material is carelessly handled, it may begin to rot, and the fungi and bacteria that cause this will produce toxins that ultimately contaminate the final product.

The only way to know for sure that material is free from mycotoxins is in the final analysis. We are able to produce lab test results aimed at detecting mycotoxins as well as pesticide residues and heavy metal absorbed from the soil.

Extraction to packaging

There are many ways to extract CBD oil, and not all of them are healthy. Residues from solvents are all-too-common in the cannabis industry.

That’s why we’ve chosen a specialized extraction process to yield highly concentrated CBD Oil and produce a safe, healthful and solvent-free final product. From there, a hygienic packaging line is also vital. Avoiding contamination is key to producing a quality product.

From packaging to you

Of course, having a great product isn’t enough. We have to get it to you, but our shipping office has shown its reliability. Rapid responses and quick delivery times characterize our service.

What if you need help or advice? Caring consultants are available to answer your questions. Ultimately, we know that our product is really about you, your needs, and your full satisfaction.

What is the best brand of medical CBD oil? That’s for you to answer!

Every company that produces CBD oil will tell you that they have the very best product. In that respect, we’re no exception, but we believe that you’ll find it difficult to find any firm that goes to the lengths we do to ensure a quality product.

Do you want to know what is the best brand of medical CBD oil? We say you can’t decide that question until you’ve tried Enecta’s CBD oil.