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What is a full spectrum CBD extract?

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 04.01.2019

What is a full spectrum CBD extract?


Full spectrum CBD oil is the result of an extraction process performed on the whole plant; this means that the product contains the complete spectrum of cannabinoids with respect to single isolate CBD. But can we say that full spectrum CBD oil is more effective than the one with isolate CBD?

A research carried out at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Medical School Hadassah, on test animals tried to establish the different effectiveness of the two products.

In the test conducted by the researchers, the CBD extract with respect to the total spectrum solution, showed to be less effective both before and after a certain dosage.

How was the study conducted?

The CBD extract was initially administered through injection with a dosage of 5 mg/Kg, showing to be moderately effective, however when the dosage was increased its effect diminished.

The graphic the researchers obtained was a bell curve, which means that the CBD extract alone, loses its effectiveness after a certain dosage.

On the contrary, the results coming from the full spectrum extract demonstrate how the synergic action of cannabinoids produced a major effectiveness when the dosage was increased.

In the second test, in which both CBD and the full spectrum extract were administered orally, the results obtained were very similar to those of the first test, with a graphic, regarding isolate CBD, showing spikes of CBD concentration at 25 mg/kg, to then lose its effectiveness when the dosage was increased.

The whole plant extract, on the other hand, with increase of the dosage showed to be more effective in providing relief to inflammation and pain.  


The conclusions the research generated were that the whole vegetal extract, containing a high quantity of CBD as well as other cannabinoids, shows to be much more effective in contrasting pain and inflammation with respect to a completely purified extract.  

CBD vs medical drugs

The Israeli researchers analysed the results of purified CBD and the full spectrum extract with respect to traditional drugs like aspirin and tramadol. The aspirin had a moderate effect on the swelling of tissues, while tramadol nearly didn’t have any effect at all.

On the contrary the two cannabis samples were able to be majorly effective in contrasting swelling in the paw  with respect to the two medical drugs.
Both drugs, however, showed major effectiveness with respect to the cannabis extracts in contrasting the direct sensation of pain.  

This study, according to the researchers, legitimizes the medical relevance of some cannabinoids, underlining the importance of treatment of certain disorders with the full spectrum of available cannabinoids.

Gallily, Yekhtim and Haunas, authors of the study, conclude affirming that cannabis extracts, and in particular CBD, can be more effective in the treatment of inflammations with respect to traditional drugs.