cbd crystals: usage, dosage and benefits

How can cannabidiol (CBD) crystals be utilised?

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The purity of CBD crystals is probably the characteristic which more than any other one allows a wide variability in use.

According to the needs and the objective of wellbeing every individual is pursuing, CBD crystals can be taken by vaporisation, rather than ingested or mixed with cosmetic creams.  

There are those who approach CBD with objectives oriented to daily wellbeing and those, on the other hand, who do so for therapeutic purposes.

But how are they used? Which are the most common methods of consuming cannabidiol?

The range of choices is rather wide and varied, CBD crystals meet with the most different requirements, acting with different times and different interactions with our body.

  1. By inhalation, utilising a specific device, the vaporiser
  2. Orally, by the sublingual route
  3. By ingestion, in preparations
  4. Topically, added as an ingredient to creams or ointments

The effectiveness of cannabidiol has now been established in many fields and the scientific community broadens and deepens day after day the literature and studies dove on this compound.  

Its anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties make it a natural and effective remedy for alleviating a situation characterized by stress or anxiety, or for the prevention of common and widespread disorders like migraine or other pains of the neuropathic kind.

There are also cases of individuals who by means of a prescription and consent of their physician, utilise cbd in cases of severe pathologies like epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease.

As you can see, situations which differ considerably from one another and for this reason the versatility and  availability of CBD becomes an important factor.
Returning to the main topic of the article, we now want to focalize our attention on the different ways in which we can take CBD in an effective way, starting from the most common one, vaporisation.

CBD and vaporiser. How does vaporising of cannabidiol work?

The method of intake by vaporisation is the most immediate one, as the active principle, being absorbed by the lungs, bypasses digestion and is assimilated instantaneously.

It is one of the most appropriate ways when one wants cannabidiol (CBD) to act within a very short space of time, like, for example, in case of muscle pain.

The intake by vaporisation is without a doubt the most appreciated and utilised choice among our consumers.  

It is necessary to be in the possession of a vaporiser; on the market we can find them for all needs and in all price classes.

Which however are the essential characteristics a vaporiser should have?

1) the possibility to set a specific temperature, which in our case goes from 160° to 180°C.

2) it must be also suitable to contain liquids: crystals, when they reach 160/180°C, melt in a similar way as occurs with sugar crystals exposed to high temperatures, hence forming an oily liquid.

Due to this "transformation" of the crystals, it is recommended to have an appropriate device in order to prevent that the oil becomes a problem for cleaning and maintenance of the device.

Taking cannabidiol (CBD) crystals by the sublingual route

Just like the oil, you can also position cbd crystals under the tongue and wait until they melt for subsequent absorption.

The neutral flavour of crystals make this operation easy and within the reach of everybody: once entered in contact with the muscle tissues of the tongue or the oral cavity and the capillaries, cannabidiol will enter almost immediately into the circulation of our organism, taking effect very rapidly.

An alternative, which however requires ingestion as well, is that of mixing the crystals with food ingredients during the preparation of a dish.

Cannabidiol is a liposoluble substance, which means that it has the possibility to melt and mix with liquid fats like for example milk, butter, oil.

In this manner it will be possible to add cannabidiol to any dish or recipe, bearing always in mind, however, that with high temperatures a part of the active principle will evaporate, like in the case in which an edible CBD preparation is cooked in the oven and hence made subject to high temperatures.  

On the other hand, it is true that, if the cannabidiol crystals are mixed with a fat, the process of vaporisation will be much slower and more gradual.  

Therefore, always remember that 180°C is the evaporation point, which should not be exceeded during the various cooking methods you intend to utilise.

Topical use of Cannabidiol

The cannabis plant has now been totally legitimised in its use in the cosmetic field: cannabis and cannabidiol products are numerous and are presented in various forms, among which creams, balms and aftersun ointments containing cannabidiol (CBD) or having cannabis oil as a basic component.

In many of these cases cannabidiol is not the main ingredient, but is aimed at integrating the spectrum of components of the cosmetic product.  

If, however, we are talking about topical use, we mainly intend to address those who desire or need to utilise cbd as a remedy against pathologies or specific situations.

The demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol (CBD), act in a direct manner on the endocannabinoid system and specifically on the CB1 and CB2 receptors, in order to mitigate the inflammatory states of the skin while exerting, at the same time, a beneficial action on the cells of our skin.
One of the most common pathologies for which cbd is used is psoriasis.

Psoriasis is nothing other than an inflammation of the skin leading to the typical lesions characterizing the disorder and presenting themselves in various forms.  
In cases like these, the use we can make of crystals, is to mix them with a cream which will be applied locally on the involved area.

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