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Extracts and derivatives of the hemp plant are used more and more every day for the preparation of CBD cosmetic products like creams, ointments, mascara and aftersun creams.  

Scientific studies aimed at investigating the effects of topical use of cannabinoids demonstrate interesting results, to the point of recording a  very sharp increase in investments  in this specific sector.

The active principle of the hemp plant at the focus of interest is CBD – Cannabidiol, and its distinct anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD, in fact acts on the system controlling the endocannabinoids, lipid molecules which are produced by the organism in response to stimuli of various nature and which have the capability of bonding to the endocannabinoid receptors.  

Up to now two types of cannabinoid receptors are known, called CB1, identified in 1990, and CB2, discovered some years later, in 1993.

The stimulation of the CB2 receptors, at the moment individuated in the central nervous system and in some cells of the immune system, is responsible for the anti-inflammatory action ascribed to CBD.

This property of cannabidiol, as well as its anti-oxidant action, resulted in the use of CBD in cosmetics becoming ever more frequent.

If  research is continuously evolving and, for the moment, the evidence is more than positive, also with regards to cosmetics it is always best to rely on producers who perform strict verifications in each phase of preparation, starting from the collection of raw materials.

The Enecta products are extracted from hemp plants cultivated on organic, certified lands and the CBD oils, available in different concentrations, can be added to moisturizing ointments or eye creams.

Currently, scientific research presents  very encouraging results and makes it easy to foresee that CBD will be used more and more for body and skin care.

CBD as a moisturizing cream and for the wellbeing of the skin

Oil extracted from the hemp plant can contain, besides CBD, also significant quantities of linoleic acid  and is ever more used in the preparation of creams for the wellbeing of the skin.

The properies of these creams make them effective in “rebalancing” the skin, rendering it less oily, or, on the contrary, less dry.

Hemp oil, in fact, presents also a reasonable amount of amino acids, vitamins A, E, B1, B2, PP, C, as well as mineral salts, among which calcium and magnesium. 

CBD as a restructuring treatment for the hair

CBD is the essential ingredient also in products for hair cleansing and care. CBD oil, used for the preparation of soaps and lotions, is effective in fighting dryness and dehydration of the scalp, soothing possible redness and irritation of the skin.

Furthermore, CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent and soothes the discomfort caused by an irritated and reddened skin.

Exfoliating Soaps. CBD and scrubbing

Often, in order to obtain deep facial cleansing granular creams are used, which, by” massaging” the skin, remove excess sebum and impurities.


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