wellness massages with C1000 Soothing Hemp Oil

Massage with CBD Oil to re-establish your psychophysical wellbeing

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Those who work with a Holistic Vision take care of the individual at 360°, using integrated methodologies and thus an approach acting at various levels and on various aspects of his or her Wellbeing.

A holistic massage is a practice requiring extreme sensibility in embracing the needs of the individual, which are not just physical but also emotional and existential-relational.

The needs the person brings with consciously have to be merged with the needs he/she carries silently and sometimes painfully inside the body.

The body reacts without mediation of the mind to the hands of the operator, who can welcome, explore and hence rebalance tensions, laxities, interior and exterior movements and psycho-physical reactions.   

Before starting a massage it is essential to understand what the person, coming for a treatment,  “feels to be needing” which has to be integrated with what the body, hosting our inner child, tells us.

In the previous holistic article we talked about C1000 oil, which can be applied on the skin, pure or mixed with a carrier oil or butter.


In this text we propose some suggestions on how to use this oil, enriched further with essential oils, for toning, decontracting and relaxing holistic massages, which can help the receiver to recover his/her sense of wellbeing and feel in harmony (again) with the inner and outer environment.


Toning Massage



Carrier Oil: almond and coconut (ratio70 -30)

Curative Oil: C1000, 1 drop contains about 3mg of CBD

Essential Oils: rosemary, bergamot, mint


This treatment restores tone to the psychophysical state, generates calm and energy; in short, it gives us tone without tension, so we can meet our everyday commitments with the right set-up.

This massage will be a set of effleurages, frictions, kneading, some mobilizations and stretches, cupping and percussions (Swedish massage), with changing rhythm and a medium profoundness of the touch.

C1000, which in this context works on our general wellbeing, is added to a carrier oil with 20 drops each 100 ml, while of the essential oils we can add 15-20 drops of rosemary, 10 of bergamot and 5-10 of mint; this mix gives us “freshness” of body, emotions and mind.

After this massage we will feel restored, aware of ourselves and more flexible (adaptable).


Decontracting Massage



Carrier Oil: almond and arnica oleolite (ratio 80 -20)

Curative Oil: C1000, 1 drop contains about 3mg of CBD

Essential Oils: rosemary, cypress, juniper


For the sporty types among us, but also for those who feel muscle tension creating a reduced articular mobility, the oil with the above ingredients gives great relief.

Arnica oleolite soothes musculoskeletal pains, C1000 relaxes the muscles and restores general balance to our organism; the essential oils “loosen” muscular tension further and “melt away” local swelling when combined with a post-event sport massage, which will have slow movements of (medium) profoundness with a thorough but very attentive touch in relation to local tensions; careful mobilizations and stretching of the parts (limbs, joints, back).

Important inflammations or contractions can be treated locally with C1000 soothing oil directly on the part, but we can also mix some drops with arnica oleolite, which has an additional anti-inflammatory action, using  delicate and superficial friction; we don’t go deep.

It is also possible to use a light and draining touch (like the one used in lymph drainage) in centrifugal direction around the area of major pain, to open the road to a quicker exchange of toxins on the one hand and nutritional elements on the other, which speeds up recovery.

The essential oils used (15 drops of each essence in 100 ml of oil) give a sense of lightness and remove pain and swelling.

This treatment restores agility and wellbeing, reduces physical tensions and increases the elimination of toxins and lactic acid.


Relaxing Massage



Carrier Oil: almond, wheat germ oil (ratio 90 -10)

Curative Oil: C1000, 1 drop contains about 3mg of CBD

Essential Oils: lavender, ylang-ylang, geranium
A relaxing massage (for example Californian Massage) helps us to restore the unity body-mind-emotions and a sense of harmony in relation to ourselves and others.

When we are under pressure (stress) or live anxiety states or pain, often the “bodies” we are made of (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) are not in (complete) communication, which doesn’t allow us to feel the entirety of our Being.

Also, our body symbolically contains ‘bridges’ which, when open, create fluidity and integrity, while when they are blocked they can make us feel as if we had “fallen to pieces”, which in the holistic sense brings us back to the lack of an integrative connection between the parts we are made of.

The blockages at neck/shoulder level, at diaphragm level and lumbar/sacral level tell us about the lack of unity of a person (head-heart-instincts).

A relaxing massage, performed through effleurages, frictions, slight and slow stretching and superficial kneading, is based on a delicate, fluid and constant contact of the hands in lengthy movements, which connect above-below, left-right, front-back.  

The essential oils used in 15 drops each on 100 ml carrier oil give a sense of harmony, relaxation and the joy of “being there”.

A relaxing treatment re-creates the connections lost between the physical, energetic and psycho-emotional parts and thus generates a sense of being present in the world ‘in one piece’  not only in the sense of unity but also of uniqueness, in interaction with Everything Existing, of which we are an integrated part. And this makes us feel “part of something bigger than ourselves” and reduces the need to state ourselves as (isolated) individuals.


In Conclusion

This short text has only just touched the many possible ways to take (holistic) care of a person with his/her specific needs and dreams and presume the desire to investigate and experiment autonomously the techniques resounding mostly within us, and also the awareness that the key to our holistic wellbeing is actively experiencing with self-responsibility and consciousness of how we act and move in our lives, instead of obtaining knowledge, advice and indications from others, which often remain theoretical and abstract if not expressed in our everyday practices.

Of course, it isn’t necessary to go to a holistic operator to experiment.  Also a ‘non-educated’ touch can give huge benefits when exchanged in affective relationships. The importance of a loving touch inside a relationship lies in the silent emotional contact which communicates without words and in a more clear and honest way, without linguistic mediation. Words can be misunderstood, but the language from body to body hardly.


Important note:

Essential oils can create adverse reactions – sometimes also linked to personal life experiences – and it is therefore important to have the person smell the scents and try the oil on a small part of the body – for example the wrist – before starting the treatment.  

If you want to know more about the above contents, you can contact Raquel by writing to wecare@enecta.com



- Subtle Aromatherapy, Patricia Davis

- Il Massaggio con gli Oli Essenziali, Stefania Del PrincipeLuigi Mondo

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