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A Guide to CBD Edibles

Geschrieben von Statt Enecta am 16.01.2017

A Guide to CBD Edibles


A lot of people want the benefits of CBD without smoking or even vaping. One can take CBD oil just as it is, sprinkle it on food, or one can consume it in edibles such as candy bars, desserts, smoothies, and baked goods.

There are even people making CBD chocolates, and they are becoming very popular in the US. Recently, a company announced that it will be selling CBD infused water for athletes, but in this case, pure CBD rather than an oil is used. Note: we haven’t seen the pricing yet, but we suspect this will be quite a costly way of getting your CBD!

All of these and more are forms of CBD edibles, but before making or choosing edibles, what do you need to know?


Cannabinoids change when heated

When choosing CBD edibles, knowing that cannabinoids change when heated is important. CBDa, an acid form of CBD, is found in raw plant extracts. When the molecule is heated, it becomes CBD. This process is known as decarboxylation, and takes place at a molecular level. This tiny change has major effects. For example, THCa isn’t psychoactive until it is heated. That is why people smoke or vape marijuana.

Which is better? CBD or CBDa? There’s a certain amount of debate on this, so you can always hedge your bets by choosing edibles that are made at low heat to get the best of both worlds. Most people seem to agree that having at least some CBDa in your edibles is a good thing.


Not too much!

You can’t overdose or get ill from eating too much CBD, but why take more than you really need? You will have to be a little cautious with edibles, since absorption can take anything from half an hour to an hour. So, much as you’d like to munch down all those delicious edibles, give the CBD a little time to work first. This means using a little patience, especially if you have previously vaped and are used to the instant effect this brings.


How much is enough?

You will have to experiment a little to see what works for you, but as a rule of thumb, most people find that consuming 10 to 15mg of cannabinoids is sufficient to meet their needs. Look at the potency of your product, and use this information to calculate how much CBD should be in your edibles. Later, you can increase your serving size if you think you need to.


How should you choose CBD edibles?

Cannabis plants are bioaccumulators, so you don’t want anything that has been made from CBD extracted from plants grown using conventional agri-chemicals. You should also be cautious of ready-made edibles unless they are made by an extremely reputable firm. Alternatively, purchase CBD crystals or oil and make your own edibles.

An author going under the pseudonym “Jeff the 420 Chef” has brought out a great recipe book that looks at home cooking with THC or CBD as ingredients, and he gives sound culinary advice as well as some ideas for tasty CBD edibles. Alternatively, simply calculate how much CBD to add to your favorite brownie recipe, and you’re good to go!