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Anxiety and Stress: is Marijuana or CBD better? The University study

Geschrieben von Enecta Editorial Staff am 30.03.2018

Anxiety and Stress: is Marijuana or CBD better? The University study


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In the publication, the "Journal of Neuroscience" the team of researchers discusses how some molecules present in Cannabis (THC) can alleviate the depressive states also associated with forms of chronic stress.

How does all this happen? Acting on endocannabinoids, molecules produced within neurons that influence our motor control, mood, and cognition produce a state of relaxation relieving stress.

"Stress is one of the main causes of depression - says Dr.Samir Haj-Dahmane – with some of the compounds derived from cannabis it is possible to restore the normal function of endocannabinoids to help stabilise low moods."

However, as the doctor points out, we are still a long way from defining more precisely how marijuana can be used to treat the illness.

Patients' subjective experiences are fundamental in the treatment of anxiety with marijuana - in some subjects it may increase anxiety and this is probably due to the presence of THC, which, unlike CBD, can have a therapeutic, as well as potentially psychoactive effect, hence the hypothesis that in some subjects it tends to increase anxiety.

On the contrary, CBD has no psychoactive effect on our body, but acts on our muscular and nervous system creating a state of relaxation without the characteristics of THC, keeping the mind perfectly lucid.

It is also important to remember how in this case, subjectivity is likely to affect the experiences of individual users. Our daily feedback has shown how CBD taken separately from THC has had very important results for example on users who suffer from anxiety.


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Cannabis can alleviate depressive states associated with forms of chronic stress: Get a 15% discount on enecta's premium hemp extract