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Cannafest, Premium Hemp extract of Enecta is a success

Geschrieben von Giuseppe Enecta am 09.12.2016

Cannafest, Premium Hemp extract of Enecta is a success


The International Fair of cannabis and medical cannabis, which was held at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague, was one of the biggest events of the year called the Cannafest. There were more than 200 exhibitors from 25 different countries, 167 accredited journalists, and 26,587 visitors. We were also present as Enecta with our products which have had very good feedback to many visitors from Eastern Europe and beyond.

The interest of many users in the world of the CBD is because they see that it serve as an alternative to support the individual needs, anxiety or muscle pain or simply a different product with which to seek a state of relaxation.
Premium Hemp extracted was a success in his debut abroad after the Fiera di Napoli, a natural extract with a high concentration of CBD which had a very favorable response from the hundreds of people who visited our stand. Premium Hemp extract has no added sweeteners and has no aroma. What are the ingredients? Hemp seed oil rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, Cannabidiol, terpenes, Vitamin E and natural molecules Hemp. There are phytocannabinoids as CBG, CBN, CBDA thanks to which the CBD is more effective. This phenomenon is called Entourage effect.

Half of Italian population uses dietary supplements while many are increasingly seeking information on natural extracts with high concentration of CBD. Ambrosia is confirmed as a product by like increase, as an evidence by the feedback we gathered from our customers.
Taste Peach denies all those who think they find a very sweet taste that the long tired, far shows a definite and delicate flavor, giving those who svapa a feeling of freshness and relaxation. Recommended during a walk in the sun or before going to sleep, it is particularly suitable for summer “Svapo”.
The taste Tobacco is often chosen by those who have quit smoking or are looking for something that has the taste of tobacco but relaxes and does not contain nicotine!
Ambrosia in this case shows a strong and pleasant taste, is recommended for those svapa all day or over a beer with friends or after a coffee. The classic taste of Virginia tobacco takes on a new flavor when it goes to combine with the Cannnabidiolo extraction making it strong and intense, by real Vapers!
Marijuana is the taste of three in one that attracts the curiosity or slice of seemingly younger market but that really is positive feedback even in a more adult audience. It 'a eliquid intense and addictive taste, the CBD present in Ambrosia is extracted from plants of Cannabis Sativa, has no psychoactive effects, there is no THC.
Finally, the pure crystals at 99%. The CBD together with THC is one of the most famous and interesting Cannabinoids Cannabis. Through the Crystals you can appreciate the CBD in its purest forfestma, the mind / body effects are sensational. The dangers of smoking are well known, the combustion processes can create problems to our health, so all the experts agree that in this sense the vaping is an extra option.