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CBD and Sports: which form of CBD is best for Sportspeople?

Geschrieben von Lorenz Wacker am 27.11.2017

CBD and Sports: which form of CBD is best for Sportspeople?


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In many articles published on our Blog we have talked about the relationship between CBD and Sports, on how important the attention for detail  is for a sportsperson and how CBD can be a fantastic ally in this, aiding our  physical recovery, but also helping the mind to relax, which is fundamental to face sports activities in the best of ways.

CBD comes in many different forms; some consume it vaped in e-cigs, others in Hemp Oil, some prefer to vaporize Crystals and others use it in their diet, adding it to their daily meals.

Is there a “best way” for sportspeople to consume CBD?

The “correct” answer might be: the way that makes the athlete experience immediate benefit from CBD on his/her psycho-physical state; however  we must bear in mind that this is extremely subjective and every person should choose that way to consume cannabidiol which best fits his/her personal needs and characteristics, considering factors like their daily habits, their workouts and competitions and the form of CBD they actually like best: oil, e-liquid, or crystals.

Nate Diaz, professional athlete of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), one of the first professionals consuming CBD as a post competition support, prefers to vape it in an e-cig, while NFL players, put the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD to good use by consuming CBD oil; many Body Builders add it to their diets, consuming it together with their foods.  

Thus, subjectivity is a crucial aspect when it comes to the form and way to consume CBD.
Let’s now take a look at two Italian athletes sponsored by Enecta, who consume CBD before and after their sports performances.


CBD supports your muscles in the recovery phase after sporting activities

Please meet Jack Colomba, Crossfit Athlete and Pierluigi Catalano, Spartan Race Athlete.

The first of the two consumes Enecta CBD oil after his workouts to support his muscles in the recovery phase.  

Jack Colomba takes the Oil after each and every workout “I consume the Oil after my workouts and I have to say that it supports my muscle recovery greatly, especially on moments in which I feel more tired than usual.”

Pierluigi Catalano uses the oil not only after his workouts, but has made it an integral part of his everyday life: “I consume CBD every evening before I go to sleep and every morning before I go to work. It’s giving me great benefit in sleeping; I notice I sleep better, in a more relaxed and profound way”.
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