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CBD for Sportspeople, who tried it? A few reviews from athletes

Geschrieben von Raquel Bonifacia am 21.06.2017

CBD for Sportspeople, who tried it? A few reviews from athletes


"Why the hell did I play football? "That's when I started to understand the medical side of cannabis"
In the articles of our Blog we’ve often talked about the relationship between CBD and sports, underlining how this match is becoming ever more solid and which are the benefits this precious cannabidiol is able to transmit at the end of a heavy workout or after a competition.
Who are the sportspeople using CBD regularly?

One of the first sportsman who brought CBD to a tip-over was Nate Diaz, who presented himself at a press conference at the end of a match in August 2016 vaping CBD. ”This is CBD, it helps the healing process, is against inflammation and all the rest. So I vape before and after training” the athlete replied to the question of a curious journalist, whether the product he was using was legal.
Corrado Lampidecchia, Italian vice champion in body building in the Men's Physique -170, category in an interview in SigMagazine: “When I use CBD I find benefits both for de-contracting my muscles and for recuperating my psychophysical wellbeing. Besides, CBD is not present on the list of doping substances, so we can use it without any risk. Vaping CBD – Lampidecchia continues in his interview – one does not have to use nicotine. So the benefits are doubled: to those of CBD we add the benefits of avoiding inhalation of nicotine”.
A sportsman who deserves special attention is Jake Plummer, ex- NLF quarterback between the 90’s  and 2000, who for many years has stood up for legalizing Cannabis derivatives for sportspeople.

"I had pain. That's why I left the game after 10 years, I had to take anti-inflammatories every day. I asked myself: ‘Why the hell did I play football?’. "That's when I started to understand the medical side of cannabis: to help with the pain."

Many athletes who practise CrossFit also as professionals, use CBD, as the partnership between Enecta and CrossFit Roveri, Bologna, shows for example. One of Crossfit Roveri’s top athletes Jack Colomba states: “CBD is extremely useful in terms of prevention as well as in terms of recovery, as it gives an important support before and after the workout, due to its relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties”.