cbd is not a doping substance and not prohibited from WADA

CBD is not a Doping Substance

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CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over 100 cannabinoid compounds that can be extracted from the hemp and marijuana plants.

Although this cannabinoid was once only found in dispensaries, it has become a prominent and popular supplement in the last decade.


Praised for its help with reducing inflammation and supporting nutrition, it’s no surprise that CBD supplements have become popular with athletes in recent years.

CBD can help aid recovery by reducing inflammation, aches, pains, and stress levels. CBD supports athletes but also helps everyday fitness-conscious individuals.


cbd is great for athletes


In the past, due to its association with cannabis, CBD was placed on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of banned substances. However, as of January 2018, CBD was removed from this list

This lead to a torrent of positive endorsements from professional athletes across the world, including Avery Collins (Ultrarunner) Nate Diaz (UFC), and Ricky Williams (Former NFL Player).

Each of these endorsements praised CBD for its anti-inflammatory benefits and as a professional athletic recovery aid.

CBD is similar in structure to the body’s endocannabinoids, which we produce naturally. As we take products that contain CBD, our endocannabinoid system is stimulated, helping our bodies to create homeostasis for our immune and central nervous systems.

Experts have said that CBD can offer additional benefits to athletes who take it regularly thanks to its anti-anxiety properties and how it can help promote restful sleep. 

CBD is different from THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana that is responsible for the ‘high’ feeling associated with smoking cannabis. 

CBD is available in a variety of different forms. These include powders, capsules, oils, vape oils, edibles, tinctures, and crystals.

CBD can be smoked, ingested, or used as a topical ointment, cream, or oil. Athletes recovering from injuries can benefit from the soothing and calming effects that CBD offers while using CBD as an anti-inflammatory is much safer than using prescription NSAIDs regularly.


Consult a Doctor if You’re Unsure

In 2018, Frontiers in Neurology published a report concluding that CBD is effective in treating mobility and pain in patients living with multiple sclerosis.
This is primarily due to the anti-inflammatory properties that the cannabinoid harbors.

Although some doctors argue that there have been no long-term studies that offer conclusive advice on dosage and potential side-effects of CBD, CBD is safe to use and a non-toxic alternative to dangerous prescription medications.


That said, anyone considering taking CBD for pain management should consult their physician before undertaking any new treatments, especially to treat conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

CBD has recently been hailed as a ‘wonder drug’ by Science Health Report and is known to give users an overall lift in their feelings of wellbeing, helping people to feel more balance between the mind and the body.


Is CBD Prohibited in Sport?

No, the compound cannabidiol is no longer prohibited.

However, it’s worth remembering that it’s challenging to obtain a 100% pure CBD extract or oil from the marijuana plant.

Therefore, anybody who purchases a CBD product from an unverified source should note that there may be tiny traces of THC and some of the 115 other cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant.

There may also be traces of synthetic cannabinoids, which are banned in most competitive sporting events and teams.

Also, be aware that cannabinoids can be traced in a drug test long after they have been used. Therefore, if you’re an athlete considering using a substance that contains any ingredients that are prohibited in-competition, check the clearance times of medications here.

You will need to have a complete washout of the banned substances and their metabolites if you want to pass any form of drug test.

cbd is a natural anti inflamatory


Are There Health Risks Associated with CBD and other Cannabinoids?

Up to now, there isn’t a great deal of data that outlines the health risks of CBD usage. However, initial studies have proven that CBD is well-tolerated and unlikely to cause abuse or dependence.

Any adverse effects associated with CBD that have been reported are related to interactions with pharmaceuticals and prescription medications.

Now that CBD is getting global prominence due to two FDA-approved drugs that have CBD as their main ingredients, there is ongoing research into CBD’s safety profile.

Keep checking our blog, and we will update you with any breakthroughs in this field of study.


Marijuana Health Risks

There are some well-understood and significant health risks associated with regular marijuana use. Several studies indicate that marijuana use can lead to severe physical and mental health issues.


Luckily, CBD is non-psychoactive, and it doesn’t require smoke inhalation due to the amount of readily available oils and capsules for sale across the CBD market.

CBD users don’t have to worry about damaging their lungs or their mental health, as CBD can reduce lung-related inflammation while helping with conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Here at Enecta, we regularly sell our premium-grade CBD products to athletes and sports lovers that want to aid their recovery to prepare for their next event. We continuously receive positive feedback.

All of our CBD is sourced from organic plants that we grow ourselves. Additionally, all of our products have been tested by independent laboratories for their purity and strength.


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