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CBD, the best Cannabidiol on the market: how to recognize it?

Geschrieben von Lorenz Wacker am 04.07.2019

CBD, the best Cannabidiol on the market: how to recognize it?

Before purchasing a CBD product, there are several things you should consider

The medicinal cannabis industry is growing at an incredible rate. Although a large number of different CBD oils and products available in today's market is not a bad thing in itself, it can make choosing the right CBD product for you more difficult. 


CBD Concentration:

High quality CBD oil products, such as the ones we offer here at Enecta come in dropper bottles or capsule form, and are available in a range of concentrations.

The amount of CBD they contain in each bottle or capsule can be found clearly labeled on the packaging. Some products list amounts in milligrams, whereas others specify concentration levels as percentages instead.

We recommend starting with products featuring a low to moderate dosage of CBD, then gradually working up to higher doses if required. Observing the effects over several days or weeks can help to make the necessary adjustments to feel the desired results.

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Consider Cost Per Dose:

Even though CBD products with high concentrations can be expensive, they may offer more value over the lifetime of the product. Once you establish your optimum therapeutic dose of CBD, consider switching to a higher concentration to save you money in the long run. for example a 1000mg bottle of CBD oil is likely to cost you less than two 500mg bottles.

Isolate VS Full Spectrum:

The two most popular types of CBD oils are those made from pure CBD isolate or crystals and full-spectrum oils. Full-spectrum oils contain other active compounds alongside CBD.

Until recently when research revealed that full spectrum oils provide a myriad of additional benefits that are not seen in isolates, pure CBD isolate was considered the best option for non-psychoactive cannabis therapy.

Full-spectrum oils contain terpenes, flavonoids, and additional cannabinoids such as CBL and CBN. These compounds can work in synergy with CBD helping to boost its beneficial attributes in a process known as the 'Entourage Effect.'


So, which one do you need? 

Whether you choose to take a CBD oil made from isolate or full-spectrum ingredients is your choice. Both of these products offer benefits, but full spectrum oils are the current industry favorite. Check the product packaging to find out whether your CBD is composed of full-spectrum or isolates.


Sublingual or Capsules?

Choosing the correct delivery method of CBD oil is almost as important as deciding the proper concentration. The majority of CBD oils are available in the form of a dropper bottle which allows for sublingual delivery. This methods of administration mean dropping CBD oil underneath the tongue. It's makes for an efficient route of delivery almost directly into the bloodstream.

CBD Capsules help for controlled, discrete doses of CBD to be taken with ease.

CBD products made all contain the same ingredients, but they can differ when it comes to convenience, accessibility, and even effect. We recommend conducting some research on the different methods of intake to determine which route works best for you.


Where Does the CBD Come From?

All CBD oils are derived from cannabis or hemp plants. Both of these plants come from the same species of Cannabis Sativa, but they have been selectively breeding over the years to feature unique characteristics.
Individual companies will manufacture non-food grade hemp growing under unsanitary and questionable conditions. These products should be avoided as hemp is a plant that can absorb contaminants such as metals, lead, and chemicals.

We recommend sourcing your CBD products from trusted European CBD oil manufacturers like Enecta.  We source our cannabinoids and terpenes, from organic, non-psychoactive EU hemp plants. Strict EU hemp regulations guarantee high-quality harvests.

All of our CBD is created using high-grade filtration and extraction methods combined with exceptional raw materials.

The result is a range of high-quality products proven to be beneficial in the relief and treatment of several conditions in ailments.


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