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CBD, Wanted a No Stress Day! The role of Cannabidiol

Geschrieben von Lorenz Wacker am 02.01.2018

CBD, Wanted a No Stress Day! The role of Cannabidiol


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Your working day presents itself full of engagements  and a high stress level? In these circumstances CBD could be an extraordinary ally in meeting your daily obligations in the best of ways. Having as our constant goal to keep the daily rhythm at a top level, while actually feeling tired or exhausted could become a hard to sustain and not very healthy situation, in which stress could coincide with anxiety and make your days even more tiresome.  

Which role does CBD play? – Many consumers try and find in Cannabis a moment of relax and no stress generated by their everyday lives, however anxiety is one of the effects generated in Cannabis smokers and it seems that the” guilty one” here is THC.
The relationship between anxiety and cannabis varies from person to person and often coincides with their mental state; many are able to get rid of their preoccupations while others amplify their “negative states”. So, smoking Cannabis is not always such a good idea.

According to scientific research CBD on the other hand would help to contrast this possible anxiety-producing effect of THC.


the Cannabis plant, source of the CBD


How? During this research eight volunteers were engaged and each of them was submitted to the same treatment but in different sequences. The scientists have assessed that CBD blocks anxiety provoked by THC, but also that the calming effects of CBD are extended to other effects generated by THC.

CBD hasn’t got any psychoactive effects on our organism, but acts on our muscular and nervous systems, creating a state of relaxation without  the characteristics of THC and maintaining the mind clear.

Thus CBD, as stated at the beginning of our article, reveals itself an extraordinary ally against everyday stress and in recuperating an adequate psychophysical state. May it be obvious that along with the use of CBD it would be necessary to adopt a healthy and as regular as possible lifestyle.

Consuming three to five drops of Hemp oil with CBD every morning before leaving the house, might just be the right way to face your day!

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